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Chateau Farmer

Home & Garden, Space Coast Homes

A well-crafted house reflects the personality of the people who call it their home. The Indialantic château was the pride of Phillip and Jeanne Farmer for many years.


Glass Act

Arts & Community

Tucked in a leafy oasis within walking distance of Melbourne’s original courthouse, this is Preston Studios Central, a place where two exceptional stained-glass artists have unleashed a constantly flowing river of elegant doors, windows and lamps.


Patriots’ Place

Home & Garden, Space Coast Homes

Driving through the tree-lined streets of Indian River Colony Club, it is impossible to miss the line of mailboxes: identical and perfectly aligned, as if standing at attention.


Underwater freedom


When reflecting on her journey to become a freediver, Jennifer Morgan compares it to being a tiny fish in a big pond.


Last Look – Fall 2023

Last Look, Wildlife

Over a narrow passage along Blue Cypress Lake, a proud osprey protects its catch. Having already eaten the head of its catch, this bird will now take what’s left back to the nest where feeding will resume. Blue Cypress Lake is about a half-hour from Vero Beach.


Growing pains

Space Coast Boating & Fishing, Travel & Outdoors

What started out as a small fishing port in the 1950s has blossomed into the world’s No. 1 cruise port and it’s still growing. Port Canaveral is the reigning king of ports, having been designated Best Home Port by Cruise Hive, a cruise industry news blog. Miami ranks second and Fort Lauderdale is third.


Publishers Note – Summer 2023

Publisher's Note

Florida is a state of newcomers and many of our recent arrivals don’t realize how historical the state is, probably through no fault of their own. That’s because most school children are taught about the establishment of Jamestown in 1607 or the arrival of the pilgrims in Plymouth in 1620. But little time is spent — if any at all — on the founding and settlement, much earlier, of St. Augustine in 1565.


Something for everyone

Space Coast Boating & Fishing, Travel & Outdoors, Wildlife

Living on the Space Coast has its perks, and one of them is that it offers all kinds of boat tours for anyone who wants to get out on the water — airboats to kayaks, day or night, scenic and wildlife. Nature figures highly in the tours, as does bioluminescence where underwater creatures that create light turn the surface to glowing colors, and of course — being the Space Coast — rocket launches leaving arcing, brilliant white trails against the blue sky.


Homemade Cheer

Eat & Drink, Indian River Kitchen

My great-grandfather used those to make what he called pineapple beer. He added the pineapple peels to a jar filled with sugar and water. My Aunt Mary Ann remembers checking it with him each day, waiting for the right amount of bubbles to show it had fermented long enough…



Giving Back, Sponsored Content

Real Stone & Granite president Jose D. Ubilla is proud that his Fort Pierce company has provided unparalleled quality in all natural and engineered stones for countertops, flooring columns, fireplaces, staircases, and pool decks for 30 years. You’ll find that same kind of pride in his Real Stone Monuments division — a premier fabricator of memorials, monuments, and headstones.

From the Editor

Mission Accomplished

In the drama-o-meter of rocket liftoffs, Deltas have scored way up there for more than 50 years. But the last of these most metal of rockets, launched by United Launch Alliance on April 9, ultimately provided as impressive a show as its predecessors — after a not insignificant delay...

Jungle Love

Florida Institute of Technology has a secret. A secret garden, that is. The Joy and Gordon Patterson Botanical Garden has been there to wrap visitors in an oasis of calm, for decades. While it is not far geographically, it feels worlds away from traffic troubles, cell phone intrusion and all...