Striving to bring you the best

In case you haven’t heard, the magazine you are holding in your hands — or reading online — has been named best overall magazine in its class in the state of Florida.

The Florida Magazine Association bestowed the award to Space Coast Living in August at its annual Charlie Awards dinner highlighting the best in magazine publishing. Our annual welcome, relocation and tourist guide, Discover the Space Coast, was also named best tourism publication in Florida in its class.

We don’t take these awards lightly. Since purchasing the magazines in April 2021, we have set about to bring you the best publications possible that reflect the beauty and character of the Space Coast. It isn’t easy, and sometimes we miss the mark. But the awards from the FMA show that our colleagues in the industry think we are doing an outstanding job.

You have all the people who appear on our masthead on Page 4 to thank. They include writers Fred Mays, Sue DeWerff, Lucinda Coulter and Maria Sonnenberg, photographers Jason Hook and Rob Downey, Design Editor Michelle Burney, copy editors Judith Collins, Patricia Durham and Gaettane Paul, Director of Sales Lori Reader, office manager Lauren Shott and distribution manager Wes Holloway.

In our goal of improving the magazine each issue, we’ve added two new features to the magazine.

Our issue in June commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Kennedy Space Center was so popular that we added a new feature for each issue, Moments in Space History, which delves into milestones in the space industry achieved on the Space Coast. The series, written by space writer Lucinda Coulter, opens on Page 33 with a history of the iconic Vehicle Assembly Building. Also, for the future, we’ve decided to create a space and aviation special section in our summer issue.

To encourage interest in historical preservation, we’ve added the Renovation321 feature on Page 68, which follows a Titusville couple as they work to restore their historical home.

Look forward to improvements in our upcoming Discover the Space Coast, which will be distributed in December.

We hope you have a great fall and, as always, feel free to drop me an email or call if you have any suggestions for the magazines.

Gregory Enns
Gregory Enns
Publisher at Space Coast Living Magazine

Publisher Gregory Enns is a fifth-generation Floridian whose family arrived in Titusville in 1891. A former newspaper reporter and editor, he started Indian River Magazine on the Treasure Coast in 2006. Indian River Media Group, the company he heads, now publishes seven magazines, including Space Coast Living, which was purchased in March. He is vice president of the Florida Magazine Association.