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Publishers Note – Winter 2023

Current Issue, Publisher's Note

Only the best for the Space Coast   Welcome to the Best of the Space Coast issue of the best magazine in Florida, as declared in August by the Florida Magazine Association, which named us the best magazine in our…


Views from above

Current Issue, Space Coast History

In tributes unique among NASA’s field centers, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex preserves the feats of the nation’s astronauts. The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame is part of the Legends and Heroes exhibit. In addition, a vast collection of astronaut memorabilia and the stunning black granite Space Mirror Memorial honor their service and sacrifices.


Lighting the way

Attractions, Current Issue

The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse is one of the oldest lights on the Florida coast. The original structure was built in 1848 and stood 65 feet tall. It was abandoned a year later during a Seminole Indian uprising. When the threat passed, the blinking white light was put back in operation until the Civil War, when it was ordered darkened by the Confederate government.


Chili for chilly days

Current Issue, Recipes

When the temperature finally starts to drop, there’s nothing more comforting than a big pot of chili simmering on the stove. This easy venison chili recipe is hearty and delicious, perfect for hunting season or any time you’re lucky enough to have ground venison in your freezer.


Safeguarding the future

Current Issue, Special Section

Brevard County’s program to set aside environmentally endangered land has been around for more than 30 years. With an overwhelming vote in the recent election it is guaranteed to be around for at least another 20 years.


Step back in time

Current Issue, Home & Garden, Space Coast Homes

If William Shakespeare were to meander through Rockledge Drive, he would come upon a structure very familiar to his time. On the leafy road perfect for unhurried drives sits an architectural gem The Bard would have instantly recognized but that is rarely seen in Brevard: a Tudor mansion.


Labor of love

Home & Garden

In the Rockledge neighborhood where Ghosh lives, his front yard is singular, an oasis of mangoes. He estimates he has planted more than 71 trees, 22 of them mangoes, in his roughly third-of-an-acre lot.

From the Editor

Best of the Space Coast 2023

Every year, we turn to the Space Coast community to vote for their favorite businesses to be named the Best of the Space Coast. We are happy to feature the winners who earned the “Best” in their categories.

No pause for Claus

It was 39 years ago when Willard Davis first wore the red suit, passed out candy and listened to children as they sat on his lap telling him their Christmas wishes.