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• Promotion digitally and in print by the No. 1 magazines on the Space Coast
• Your profile written by seasoned professional Maria Sonnenberg. Photography support available if needed
• Available for immediate digital distribution and in social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
• Posted on, a highly credible website on the Space Coast, and shows up in SEO searches
• You get approval on all content
• Created on standard paper dimensions that you can duplicate

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  • One page $1,595
  • Two pages $2,900
  • Three Pages $3,045
  • Four Pages $3,945

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  • Fall Space Coast Living (Sept.)
  • Holiday Space Coast Living (Nov.)
  • Winter Space Coast Living (Jan.)
  • Spring Space Coast Living (March)
  • Summer Space Coast Living (June)
  • Annual Discover the Space Coast (Oct.)
  • Please let me know what the discounted rate is if I advertise in two or three publications.

I agree to advertise in the quantity checked above and represent that my business will be responsible for payment. I understand that a 20 percent cancellation fee of the cost of the ad will apply if I do not advertise. I also understand that failure to pay for my ad within 30 days of billing could result in an 18 percent annual interest rate and payment of collection, court and attorney fees. Most recent relevant ad will be used when good faith efforts to contact advertiser are unsuccessful. To cover the added expense for credit card processing fees a 3% handling charge will be added to the final invoice when payment by credit card is chosen. *

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Sponsored Content Design

  • My company or ad agency will design my sponsored content. Please send me the specs and submission information for your magazine.
  • I want Indian River Media Group to design my sponsored content for free. Please contact me immediately to begin work on the ad.