Unlocking Your True Self: Ann’s Journey with Poris Plastic Surgery

Woman in blue and white dressEmbarking on a transformative journey often requires courage, determination, and a trusted guide to navigate the path to self-discovery. For Ann, a 45-year-old woman on a quest to reclaim her body and confidence, Poris Plastic Surgery and the expertise of Dr. Stephenie Poris became the catalyst for a remarkable metamorphosis.

Ann’s journey began with a profound decision — to shed 175 pounds, a testament to her unwavering commitment to health and wellness. Despite her incredible achievement, she felt she was wearing a “skin suit,” concealing the fruits of her hard work. Determined to embrace her new wellness fully, Ann sought the expertise of Dr. Poris, the sought-after surgeon for those seeking transformation in Central Florida.

What sets Poris Plastic Surgery apart is not only its reputation for excellence but Dr. Stephenie Poris herself — a compassionate, skilled surgeon dedicated to empowering her patients every step of the way. Ann’s decision to entrust her journey to Dr. Poris was rooted in a desire for a female surgeon who understood her vision for breast and body surgery. From their initial meeting, Ann felt at ease, confident that Dr. Poris would honor her choices regarding size and shape with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Ann’s testimonial speaks volumes about the unparalleled quality of care provided by Dr. Poris and her team. Professional, direct, and compassionate, Dr. Poris prioritizes her patients’ comfort and satisfaction, before and after surgery. Ann’s life underwent a profound transformation, extending far beyond physical changes. The impact on her mental health was profound, revealing a newfound sense of confidence and liberation she hadn’t experienced in years, maybe ever.

Today, Ann proudly dons two-piece bathing suits — a symbolic triumph over years of self-doubt and insecurity. Reflecting on her journey, she confesses that she had underestimated the weight of her burdens until she emerged on the other side, liberated from the constraints of her former self.

At Poris Plastic Surgery, Dr. Stephenie Poris pioneers a holistic approach to transformation — where physical and emotional well-being converge to unlock the true essence of each individual. 

“It is my personal goal to provide my patients with an elevated level of professional care that has passion, creativity, sophistication, and of course, a lot of fun,”  says Dr. Poris.before and after

Poris Plastic Surgery is the only female-owned and operated plastic surgery practice in Central Florida.

Visit Poris Plastic Surgery today and embark on your transformative journey with Dr. Stephenie Poris — 

a trusted partner in unlocking your true self.

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