John Feldman and Jeff Scully

John Feldman and Jeff Scully

Green to its core

When John Feldman and business partner Jeff Scully were developing a business plan for their new venture, GreenCore Environmental, they based all decisions on their desire for a company friendly both to the environment and to people. 

Launched in 2023, GreenCore Environmental is exactly what its name attests, an eco-friendly and EPA approved service to control pests inside and out. 

“Both our processes and products take an eco-friendly approach,” Feldman said.

Unlike many other pest control companies, GreenCore does not rely on overspraying to control the gamut of pests that routinely try to make your home theirs. 

“Some companies offer monthly services, but the products we use last for 90 days,” Feldman said. “If a customer has a pest issue in between services, we gladly come in to target the specific area, but we believe that if you use the right products and properly treat the first time, you do not need to spray every month and oversaturate the soil with product.”

The excess use of pesticides has been linked to health issues such as cancer, immunotoxicity and neurological problems. Pesticide overuse also leads to runoff into already environmentally compromised bodies of water such as the Indian River Lagoon, one of the most bio-diverse estuaries in the world. 

GreenCore Environmental safely and effectively attacks a wide variety of undesirable insects and vermin, including German roaches, palmetto bugs, ants, mosquitos, silverfish, wasps, spiders, fleas, ticks, rodents and more. 

Their unique four-step treatment begins with a licensed technician spraying EPA-certified pesticides around the perimeter of the home. This includes around windows, doors, cracks, and crevices — all typical entry points for bugs.

Treatment in the interior of the property targets baseboards and behind the walls, where insects love to live.

“We remove switchplates and outlet covers to put dust behind the walls in some cases,” Feldman said. “This prevents pests from nesting inside your walls.”

The treatment continues with a thorough sweeping of soffits and other high areas to discourage spiders and flying insects such as wasps. The final step spreads pesticide granules across the entire 

lawn to prevent crawling insects from making a home there. 

“With granular insecticides, there is minimal, if any, runoff into the waterways,” Feldman said. 

For rodents and raccoons, GreenCore’s approach is to repel so they stay away. Possible entry points are sealed off before technicians use products such as “racoon paste,” which the critters find intolerable. 

Consumers have increasingly turned to organic food, natural cleaners and environmentally safe services, such as eco-friendly pest control. GreenCore Enviromental’s earth and people-friendly approach is resonating with customers, for, in less than a year, the Cocoa-based company has expanded to serve all of Brevard County, as well as the Orlando area. In the coming months, GreenCore will increase its service area south to include Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach Counties. 

For more information, visit or call 866-816-BUGS.

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