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Halloween Fashion


Love drunk, I found myself standing in a puke green hippie dress, hair teased to a frizz, while sporting the ugliest pair of black rimmed glasses I could find. All around me party goers lounged in preppy school uniform outfits,…


Fashion Gives Florida a Fall Season

Travel & Outdoors

Connoisseur’s voyage fashion capitols all across the globe this month as designers present their Spring 2013 collections. Meanwhile, we Floridians, continue to melt beneath a reluctant heat, begging for any hint of fall. Let’s be honest, the joy of the…


Fashion Friday: Product Review


You know, sometimes, when you go the salon and from the shampoo bowl to the end of your hair-service it feels like just a huge product-sales pitch? I would know—I’m a stylist (turned journalism major) and have spent time in…


Fashion Friday: Girl’s Night Out


“Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days.” –William Shakespeare At the end of a long summer, a busy workweek, or even just the mess of a terrible day, a Girls Night Out is a life vest for your carefree…


Fashion Friday: Twist and Turn Blow Dry


If you’re normally fumbling over cords and always dropping your brush in an effort to achieve the same “salon” styled blow dry you left with, this tutorial is just for you. A sexy, voluminous blow dry really can be simple…


Fashion Friday: You Were Born an Original


Editor’s note: You don’t want miss out on the sincere content of this guest post and discover fashion gems in downtown Melbourne. Thanks Jaimee for reminding us that we are the only and BEST version of ourselves, so embrace all that…


Fashion Friday: Strut your stuff


With summer coming to an end, there is no better time than now to “strut in your stuff” in your favorite summer shoes! Whether it be wedges, sandals, or espadrilles, confidence begins at your feet when you’re wearing fancy footwear….


Fashion Friday: Chunky Necklace Trend


If you’re looking to add a dash of sparkling accessories to your wardrobe—look no further. After all, what better place to start than from the neck up?  We put together a collection of our favorite chunky necklaces, whether you’re looking…