You know, sometimes, when you go the salon and from the shampoo bowl to the end of your hair-service it feels like just a huge product-sales pitch? I would know—I’m a stylist (turned journalism major) and have spent time in the salon for the past couple years. SO, don’t treat this like a sales pitch. Treat this like I’m your girlfriend— the kind of girlfriend who you bring shopping with to tell you if something looks great or not. And the kind of girlfriend who just so happens to know a lot about haircare because she’s tried almost every product on the market.
The newest Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde is to die for. I’m a dark brown, wannabe light brown ombre-haired girl, and I recommend it to everyone I know. My hair has NEVER felt so soft before just after the first SHAMPOO.
Let’s talk about why it’s so great:
1) Exclusive Keractive Protein “hugs” the hair to help repair damage.
2) Conditioners and safflower oleosomes deliver rich plant oils to replenish lost moisture and nutrients.
3)KerActive penetrates the hair shaft to help rebuild, while safflower oleosomes deliver moisture and seal the cuticle.
The result is stronger, healthier hair with long-lasting hydration and shine! 
After shampoo and conditioning hair, spray the Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair into your hands and warm up in your hands before rubbing it thoroughly into your hair starting at the ends and moving toward the crown.
Waa-la! Glorious, shiny, healthy hair.