Love drunk, I found myself standing in a puke green hippie dress, hair teased to a frizz, while sporting the ugliest pair of black rimmed glasses I could find. All around me party goers lounged in preppy school uniform outfits, Hogwarts style, per the Harry Potter birthday party theme. 

I scanned the crowd desperate to find my boyfriend. It was his brilliant idea that I should dress this way. He’d absolutely convinced me that I’d be the perfect Professor Trelawny to his Professor Dumbledore. 

Now, with all the gawking stares and second glances I suddenly felt utterly ridiculous. It didn’t help that I was the new girl in town, and there wasn’t a single familiar face in the mini-skirted clan that was gathered by the doorway where I’d just entered.  Then, like the knight and shinning armor that he always is, I spotted my man making his way through the crowd towards me. With his long white beard, flowing white hair, and a ratty bathrobe pulled over his broad shoulders, I was certain we were the biggest nerds at the party. It suddenly hit me…I’d finally found my soulmate!

Halloween gives us a chance to express that inner crazy/creative side of us that still longs to playful.  For one night, we’re allowed to step back into that beautiful pretend world of our childhood. The community comes together in a playful spirit, and suddenly it’s appropriate to knock on stranger’s doors  expecting to be welcomed and given a treat.

These are my favorite Halloween looks for this year.

How many “women in binders” will I run into this year?  

These “Fifty Shades of Grey” characters are sure to heat up any party. 

I love  these little sharks appear to have just their bitten surfer dad.

This is my favorite idea. My friends Amy and Josiah as ventriloquist dummies. So creative and adorable! 

Whoever you are this Halloween, I hope to run into you at one of the many space coast celebrations. 

Do you have any creative halloween costume ideas for us? Post them on our Facebook wall, and we might just share them on our blog! 

Tennessee transplant, Jaimee Preston, is excited to call the Space Coast her new home. With an avid love for adventure, all things outdoors, and writing, she hopes to inspire readers to see their community with fresh eyes and new perspective. Read more from Jaimee on her blog or email her at