If you’re normally fumbling over cords and always dropping your brush in an effort to achieve the same “salon” styled blow dry you left with, this tutorial is just for you. A sexy, voluminous blow dry really can be simple (with a little bit of practice). You don’t have to hassle over curling irons or rollers anymore to get the body you want. This step-by-step, twist and turn will take you from board (and bored), straight hair to new heights in no time.



1. Wash and condition hair.
2 & 3. Apply a voluming foam throughout  hair from midshaft to roots. *(I prefer Sculpting Foam by Paul Mitchell. It is lightweight and very conditioning)
4. Using a medium-sized round brush, dry hair from roots to end.
5. Before removing the brush and when it’s in a coil, use the end of the blow dryer to apply cold air to ‘set’ the curl.
6. Twist the hair in a spiral motion (away from your face) as you remove the brush from you hair.

*TIP: Alternate the directions you are rotating the curls but always start with the hair around your face going away from it.