“Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days.” –William Shakespeare

At the end of a long summer, a busy workweek, or even just the mess of a terrible day, a Girls Night Out is a life vest for your carefree spirit!  It provides a lift when you are sinking in life’s routine waves.  I’m curious, how long has it been since you grabbed those true blues and headed out to watch a sunset, sip on your favorite martini or laugh until the stars peeked out in the sky? If this was you, just last weekend, here’s me giving you a high five. As for the rest of us, stop trying to remember… it’s been too long ago.

This past weekend my best friend Kari moved to Jacksonville from Dallas. Steeped in joy of the moment (she’s only a drive away), I called up our best friends and planned for a future girls weekend on the beach. I can’t wait! The anticipation of seeing everyone brings a smile, even now as I write to you.

So now it is your turn, plan your girl’s only event! Trust me, your husbands, children, boyfriends will thank you. You’ll come back remembering how good it feels to be you. Refreshed by the change of pace, you will exude a happy, inspired, relaxed, patient self.  It will even give you a chance to miss that cute little family you see day in and day out (diapers, laundry, yardwork, etc.).

For Fashion Friday, imagine the new outfit you’ll be wearing for Girls Night Out (yes, you’re actually planning this— and yes— here’s your excuse to go shopping).  These four looks are sure get your creative juices flowing.

A pair of siren red jeans found at H&M might inspire you to try the bright jeans trend. Kate Middleton even wore a pair to the Olympic games.

Or why not try the high-low dress, like this one from Delia’s. The style is effortlessly flirty and fun, perfect for a beach scene.

 You could pair two of the latest trends, polka dots and leather. I love this look found on Pinterest.

Or if you’re like me, you could slip into something whimsy and bohemian, like this romantic dress from one of my favorite lines, Free People.

Honestly, no matter what you wear, even if it’s your classy go-to black dress, girl’s night out is sure to spark some extra happiness. The proof is in the plan, so get to it!




Tennessee transplant, Jaimee Preston, is excited to call the Space Coast her new home. With an avid love for adventure, all things outdoors, and writing, she hopes to inspire readers to see their community with fresh eyes and new perspective. Read more from Jaimee on her blog  http://inmywilderness.blogspot.com or email her at jaimeeonthespacecoast@gmail.com.