Connoisseur’s voyage fashion capitols all across the globe this month as designers present their Spring 2013 collections. Meanwhile, we Floridians, continue to melt beneath a reluctant heat, begging for any hint of fall. Let’s be honest, the joy of the fall fashion season is losing its luster— especially in contrast to yet another sun filled, brilliant blue sky day.  

Yesterday, hopeful, I braved the beach midday. Within seconds, a dewy sweat embraced my body. Time to haul out the sweaters! Now, tell me again about those over-the-knee boots that are so popular this fall. That’s right, don’t except anything less than dagger looks in your direction.   

Yes, I know, Florida is famous for its gorgeous winter weather and this is no platform for complaints but I am wondering…how do we change style with the seasons when our seasons seem to range from hot to not so hot?

Please, readers, don’t hesitate t to correct me if I’m wrong. After all, an unseasoned Tennessee outsider is bound to be biased or out of touch.  I am used to chilly breezes that bring in those gorgeous fall leaves, the late night bonfires with warm apple ciders and a hoist of fall festivals. The change in weather requires those sexy boots, a military inspired jacket, the Bordeaux leather top, a wool-felt fedora or a vibrant floral scarf. (Big sigh)

There must to be a way to translate fall fashion for the natives (you & me)?  Please, say there’s a way! 

Okay, seriously though, current weather conditions can’t excluded us from enjoying a new season of fashion! It simply means we get to exercise our creative powers. Fashion today has become even more interpretative, individualized and nonconforming.  For example, some women (Christiana Aguilera & Heidi Klum) are currently rocking their dip-died locks, others have stuck to the tried and true ponytail (seen on Calvin Klein, BCBG, and Ralph Lauren’s runways for fall 2012 looks). 

Glance at the Spring 2013 collections. You will see an array of truly individualized, unique designs. While rummaging the Internet, I’ve uncovered looks from 1920’s inspiration, to polished leather, from head to toe stripes, to unique terry-cloth bikinis. Fashion allows for us to have an endless mixed bag of personal expression.  

 All these elements, both natural and man made, are piquing my curiosity. I want to know, who inspires your fashion? Who do you try and emulate? How will you translate the new fall looks for your Floridian flare? Tell me, what is YOUR personal style for the fall season?  And, while we’re being open, do you even care about fashion?

Ahem, in case you were wondering… Here are my inspirations for my very first SpaceCoast Fall!

Sienna Miller and Keira Knightly look adorable in these lace-up booties! This, is the perfect boot solution for a Florida gal. 
Effortless, casual style, found in a European Vogue, is an example of how to add fall pieces to my still essential summer wardrobe.
For an easy update, I’ll head down to the local Sephora beauty store. A burgundy lipstick or nail polish is the perfect accent for a Floridian fall. 

Okay readers, I’m looking forward to your style insight! Add your comments here or on the SpaceCoast Facebook link!