Editor’s note: You don’t want miss out on the sincere content of this guest post and discover fashion gems in downtown Melbourne. Thanks Jaimee for reminding us that we are the only and BEST version of ourselves, so embrace all that is unique, special and wonderful about who you are starting from the inside and going out. —A.H. 

This past Wednesday, I strode down East New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, in my antique mocassian booties, a stark white mini dress, reminscient of your great grandmother’s undergarments and a long suede necklace complete with feathers. And? Someone complemented me on my shoes, one lady noted that I should be modeling and later a complete stranger at the bookstore befriended me. This is not my daily normal!  So, what’s up with that?

Perhaps I’ve figured it out. When we embrace our unique and personal style, our authenticity speaks and sparks sincerity. We feel good and exude an openness, unconsciously, when we are being true to ourselves.

This is why I love the Space Coast, it is authentically unique and true to itself, even when it comes to shopping. I dare you to find a more quaint place to shop than the historic downtown Melbourne. The eclectic mix of fine dining, bars, funky eateries, antique shops and upscale boutiques that house both fashion and home furnishings, is completely original.  The atmosphere lends itself to a friendliness and helpfulness because each shop reflects the personal style and passion of the shopkeeper.


Lest you think, since we are “far from the madding crowds” of the fashion world and our style is “out,” I invite you explore at least two of the many fashionable boutiques.
Yapa, housed in the historic Flat Iron Building, is bursting with brightly hued clothing and funky, chunky jewelry that is so popular these days. Their bohemian mix of caftans, tunics, maxis, shorts and tops are perfect for that beachy space coast vibe.



Lula Blu, just down the road, speaks to that ultra feminine side of you who longs for a flowing blouse, a pair of adorable crocheted shorts and the finishing touch of a glittering bracelet.


Here are my personal fashion picks for the day!


This adorable hot pink lace dress from Yapa, a fun beach take on the new lace trend that is still making it’s way onto the fall runways. 


These delicate crochet shorts, found at Lula Blu, the final piece needed to complete that look I’ve been envying on Pinterest all summer!



Embrace whatever it is that makes you unique. No one ever made it far in the fashion industry by copying someone else’s look. If you are feeling confident and happy in what you are wearing, chances are you are looking really great too!


Here’s to your personal and unique take on fashion! Happy Friday.



Tennessee transplant, Jaimee Preston, is excited to call the Space Coast her new home. With an avid love for adventure, all things outdoors, and writing, she hopes to inspire readers to see their community with fresh eyes and new perspective. Read more from Jaimee on her blog  http://inmywilderness.blogspot.com or email her at jaimeeonthespacecoast@gmail.com.