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Dental Excellence Melbourne: Cedric C Chenet, DDS PA


by Alisha Crabtree Behind Every Successful Practice is a Family When visiting Dental Excellence Melbourne, you are not entering the typical dental practice, but rather a friend’s house who happens to be a dental expert. Even the office décor has…


The Building Blocks of Exceptional Dentistry


What type of dental practice is created when the customer’s experience is of the utmost importance, only the highest quality dental materials are utilized, and the doctor’s advanced education allows her to employ the latest techniques?  You have Dr. Beverly…


Hurricane Season Medical Reminders


Get a 30-day supply of necessary medications  If you take prescription medications, purchased from your local pharmacy, try having a 30-day supply on hand. But this is not as easy as it sounds — many insurance companies will not authorize…


Hometown Pride USSSA | Women Empowerment in Brevard

Arts & Community

By Mallorie Ann Ingram Lauren Chamberlain  Lauren was the first overall draft pick in the 2015 NPF College Draft out of the University of Oklahoma by the USSSA Pride. Chamberlain is the reigning NCAA homerun record holder with 95 career blasts…


June 2018


June 2018   From the Editor Healthy Living | Paleo Eating Travel | Israel Memories, Meals, and Moscato | Fresh vs Frozen Lifestyle | Summer Essentials Inspiration | Cocoa Beach Uncorked Wheels | The New Lexus LS500 SpaceCoast Business |…


Paleo | A Lifestyle Change


By Judy Piersall Being mindful of diet and exercise is something many of us take seriously. It takes discipline over time; it’s a lifestyle.  Menopause was a game changer, forcing me to pay attention to how I eat. As I’ve…


The Big Shave | St. Baldrick’s Foundation

People & Business

By Michael Candelaria Space Coast Conquers is proving to be more than a great name – through community service to support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and fight childhood cancer. The scene in March was almost historic. Certainly, it was moving,…


The Secret to Your Best Self


There is one mantra that Dr. Saluja and Dr. Novo truly believe and live by at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, which is “for your best self.” The synergy of their fields has blended seamlessly in their practice focusing on head…


Safe Hospitals Save Lives


Eliminating Preventable Medical Errors May Save Your Loved Ones – Parrish Medical Center A Boeing-747 crashes in the U.S.; all 550 passengers and crew members perish. The news media breaks into regular programming to announce the fatal accident. Alerts beep…


The Better a Product Smells


By Judy Piersall  I came of age in the days when sunbathing was the norm. We would go to the roof of our three-story sorority house, getting as close to the sun as we could, and lay on silver reflective…


Brevard Birding Enthusiasts

Arts & Community

Tim Ebaugh As a Brevard County native of 56 years, Tim Ebaugh grew up watching and admiring the wildlife and birds of the great state of Florida.  In the early 90s, his father, a professional photographer for Harris Corporation, retired…