Dr. Anita Soluja and Dr. Rebecca NovoThere is one mantra that Dr. Saluja and Dr. Novo truly believe and live by at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, which is “for your best self.” The synergy of their fields has blended seamlessly in their practice focusing on head to toe anti-aging and skin cancer detection and treatment.  As the number one skin injector in all of Central Florida, Saluja offers her expertise to patients with her signature injectables, pre-juvenation and anti aging skin care, as well as having a passion for detection and treatment for skin cancers. Novo combines her artistic eye with surgical talent for comprehensive facial and body anti aging and reconstructive procedures. 

The doctors successfully provide not only the latest in technology and an innovative approach to anti-aging, skin health, and rejuvenation, but have created a welcoming patient experience. An upbeat vibe in their fresh modern office, mixed with the warm smiles from their expert team, put more than just fine lines at ease. The unique collaboration of an Aesthetic Dermatologist and a Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon under one roof sets their practice apart here in Brevard County. A customized treatment plan is created for each patient with the singular objective: to guide each towards becoming their best self. 

“Not only do we educate and care for our patients skillfully and safely throughout their treatment, but we build lifelong relationships with them,” says Saluja. “Yes, that is our shared goal and authentic relationships are the best part of what we do,” adds Novo.

“Our patients do not want to appear ‘overdone’ but look as though they were just born lucky,” says Saluja. “We want our patients to look and feel their best, and encourage the foundation of healthy lifestyle choices to achieve and maintain these goals.” Novo encourages.

Today’s anti-aging market and research is continuously changing. In fact, an observed 200% increase in anti-aging procedures occurred over the last decade. Women, and increasing numbers of men, are searching for procedures that range from creating a natural refreshed look to a total body overhaul. Saluja and Novo relentlessly seek out the latest and top devices and techniques, to achieve the desired outcomes for their patients. “We never stop learning…or teaching for that matter,” says Saluja with
a smile.

Dr. Anita SalujaGet To Know Dr. Anita Saluja

How would patients characterize you?

I like to give “educational pearls” about the skin at each visit. Patients would say I am an expert in my field, honest, intelligent, responsive, and sometimes funny. 

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Since 2012, I am in the top 1 percent of all injectors in the United States and the #1 Volume Botox®, Juvederm®, & Sculptra® injector in all of Central Florida.   I treat 80 patients a week with skin injectables to help them achieve their individual goals. The advances in skin injectables over the years are amazing, and I like to stay on top of my learning. On a personal note, I am proud of my two children. I can’t believe I have a son on his way to college and a daughter on her way to high school next year!

What is your philosophy when it comes to skin procedures?

I believe in a full face and neck assessment. It’s not ideal to chase wrinkles with injectables; it’s much better to look at the face and neck together and enhance the overall shape. I also want to make sure you don’t have precancerous changes or skin cancer on your face so I automatically look for that when evaluating aesthetically. I often use a special technique that I trained in that applies mathematical proportions to create facial harmony called BeautiPHIcation™.

What’s Your Advice on Safety?

Please do not jeopardize your health by mixing alcohol and at home parties with facial injections. Often you are not saving as much as you think you are. The results will be more variable when you are under the influence. Additionally, safety is compromised. Avoid Groupon specials. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is. Fillers should only be done in a medical office. All offices should have Hylenex or Vitrase on hand in sufficient quantity. These help dissolve filler when needed in case of emergency or urgency.

  • Completed her college education at the age of 15, with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics
  • Earned her medical degree by age 20 from The University of Michigan 
  • Member of the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
  • Dermatology residency at Emory University , Atlanta, Georgia
  • Board certified in Dermatology by the American Board of Dermatology since 2001
  • Assistant Volunteer Professor at the University of Central Florida School of Medicine

Get To Know Dr. Rebecca NovoDr. Rebecca Novo

How would patients characterize you?

Patients see me as authentic, approachable, and genuinely caring.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I am most proud of this practice. It has been an amazing year working with Dr. Saluja and our incredible team. Dr. Saluja is an absolute expert and genius. Other than constantly working to improve my craft of Plastic Surgery, I am devoted to my little girl and husband.

What are your most requested procedures?

Blepharoplasty, breast lifts, and breast augmentations are in demand. We are busy with our fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing, which can be applied to face, neck, chest, hands, and forearms. A beautiful combination is upper eyelid blepharoplasty in combination with face and neck laser resurfacing, which can be done safely in the office (for most healthy patients). Trusculpt 3D body contouring is a less invasive procedure that is proving to be extremely effective. Our patients (as well as us) are thrilled with the fat reduction and skin tightening with
no downtime.

What is your philosophy when it comes to surgical procedures? 

I believe in natural and proportioned results versus chasing trends. Trends don’t last; I want to give you a healthy, aesthetically pleasing result that compliments and works within your facial and body architecture.I want to minimize any chance of pain and minimize any visibility of incisions. With meticulous technique, special pre and post-operative protocols, we can achieve that. One of my favorites adjunct products is Alastin Skin Nectar, to prepare the skin for surgical and laser procedures. It uniquely restores and reorganizes the skin’s elastic fibers, as well as enhances recovery speed.

What is your advice on safety?

Please do not try to save money by traveling for surgery. We often see patients choose distant or out of country locations to save money, but then if and when complications arise, they do not have access to their surgeon. Availability and accountability are HUGE factors when choosing a provider. Those two characteristics are actually priceless. There are also known increased risks of complications when flying or driving a distance shortly after surgical procedures such as blot clots.

  • College basketball captain at Lake Superior State University
  • Medical school and five year General Surgery residency at Wayne State University,
    Detroit, Michigan
  • Three year comprehensive Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, University of Miami 

What’s Hot? Take a look at what’s trending at their practice.

TruSculpt 3D

Using targeted radiofrequecy energy, with just one treatment, patients are achieving fat reduction and skin tightening without surgery or downtime.

LaserGenesis & Vivace Radiofrequency Microneedling 

These safe treatments work on all skin types and give patients a camera ready complexion through micro pulses of laser energy or radiofrequency with no downtime.


This in-office topical treatment application works best to remove raised brown spots that come with age.


Lip enhancement remains a major trend with the range of fillers and micro-cannulas making personalized enhancements more possible.

The Dr. Saluja Signature Sculptra Lift

This anti-aging treatment works by stimulating collagen over a three month period. The secret is really about supporting and lifting the face with Sculptra and Botox/Dysport.


Five year filler for our patients who are ready for a longer term result.

Doctor’s Orders. Tips on taking care of your skin at home.

What type of sunscreen should I use?

Our favorite new sunscreen is Eryfotona Actinica Ultralight Emulsion SPF50+. It’s a European product and we are the first in Brevard to have it available to our patients. It not only protects your skin but also repairs damage within the cells that leads to precancers. 

What’s the best at-home anti-aging treatment for my neck?

Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift is our favorite way to not only cleanse your neck but also help with appearance and lift. 

What types of all-natural products should I try?

We offer a skin line designed to promote the skin’s natural restorative process. It’s called SalujaMD. The Refresh + Cleanser and Luminosity + Organic Oil work from head to toe to hydrate and give your skin nutrients and antioxidants that boost the skin’s appearance and health.

Listen to what people are saying about their experience working with Dr. Saluja and Dr. Novo. 

I have been seeing Dr. Saluja & Dr. Novo. As someone who has been a little skeptical of getting any treatments for aging issues, I can honestly say I am a changed believer! As I age, I am actually looking younger and more like myself. I feel more confident. These doctors and their team are just amazing, and their energy, big hearts, and talent are unparalleled. I recently had an injectable treatment for my aging ears, and I love that I can wear my earrings again.

I fully trust this team to advise me as to how I can “be my best self!” – Tammy H.