By Judy Piersall

Being mindful of diet and exercise is something many of us take seriously. It takes discipline over time; it’s a lifestyle. 

Menopause was a game changer, forcing me to pay attention to how I eat. As I’ve said before, my first foray into integrative medicine help was with 17 vials of blood being drawn. But before the results ever came back, I started following the Paleo way of eating. My symptoms began to subside before I ever took any hormones or supplements. And anytime I veer from healthy eating habits, hot flashes, night sweats and fatigue return.

I am a firm believer that most diseases, ailments and health issues can be resolved by a change in diet, particularly by eliminating foods that cause inflammation, which is the underlying cause of many chronic health issues. Refined sugar, alcoholic beverages and anything that metabolizes into sugar are significant contributors. Many cancers are fed by glucose.

It doesn’t matter how much you work out if the food you’re putting in your body is bad. If you exercise regularly but your body doesn’t ever seem to change and your stamina isn’t what it should be, the answer most likely is in what you’re eating and/or drinking. The proportion of 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent exercise is spot on.

Diets don’t work over time; ways of eating do. High protein foods, lean cuts, vegetables, fruits, low carbs, no dairy and no processed foods (this includes all pre-packaged meals), will yield positive results. Change your diet, change your health – for better or worse.

Until next time, here’s to healthy living, and remember, you always have choices. ◆