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BIMDA Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary


By Carl Kotala One of the most respected medical associations in the state of Florida is turning 20 years old. The Brevard Indo-American Medical and Dental Association (BIMDA) was founded on the basis of scientific, educational, cultural and charitable purposes…


Make the Holidays a Season of Giving


Brevard is well-known for its philanthropic community. This year, SpaceCoast Living partnered with Gregory Daniel Portrait Artist to make this holiday season a “Season of Giving.” Join the families honored in this issue and help us contribute to the four…


Discover the Power of Robotic Surgery


With the aid of a robotic surgical system, like the da Vinci, surgery is performed entirely by a doctor from start to finish. Instead of using their hands directly on a patient’s body, they use micro-sized surgical instruments controlled by…


A New Level of Precision


MAKOplasty may look and sound like an intimidating word but the remarkable technology is relieving patients’ osteoarthritis pain with improved accuracy and longevity. MAKOplasty is a robotic arm assisting in partial knee, hip and direct anterior hip replacement procedures designed…


A Tribute to Link Johnsten

People & Business

A Tribute to Link Johnsten For 40 years, Link Johnsten, the owner and artist of Eau Gallie Florist, made weddings spectacular. After the sudden loss of a creative visionary, the community felt the void he left immediately. He was 63….


Best of the Space Coast

Arts & Community

We asked our fans to vote online for your favorites in 60 categories — from best pizza to top fitness club, pet spa and more. The categories represent some of the best food, drink, shopping, treasures and experiences our county…


The Dangers of Skin Cancer


May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month One in five Americans will develop skin cancer. The good news is it is almost always curable if found early. That’s why self-skin exams at home and professional skin exams in a…


Deborah Tomczak

Home & Garden

Her success from 2005 through 2012 could be measured by the $43+ million in sales she has accomplished from new construction and the listing/selling of existing residential properties, however Deborah prefers to focus on the value of the relationships she…


Breast Cancer Treatments: Knowing Your Choices


Health First Medical Group’s Dr. Sharon Noori Specializes in Breast Disease Unfortunately, women and men are all too familiar with breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, accounting for nearly…


Skin Is In


From drug store to department store brands, it seems there is a “miracle” cream promising to correct any and all skin issues from winkles to sun spots. So how do you know what is truly worth spending your money on?…


The Power of Reinvention


By Suzanne Fox Sevel Sometimes we choose to reinvent ourselves. Other times, circumstances force change upon us. And still other times it’s a little of both. Reinvention when you have no choice, when your life was one way, and now…


Brevard’s Love Affair with Football

Travel & Outdoors

by Suzanne Fox Sevel Football has ingrained itself into American culture from youth leagues to the pros, and here on the Space Coast, loyal fans wear their hearts on their sleeves (and in some cases have their teams tattooed as…


2014 BIMDA Annual Medical Conferences


BIMDA plans Annual Medical Conference in November with Greek Themed Gala The Brevard Indo-American Medical & Dental Association is launching yet another landmark event on November 22. It will be a full scale production of a medical event by day…




Recognizing Medical Emergencies When to Go to the ER? You know how to handle a minor scrape at home but sometimes the significance of injuries or symptoms isn’t always clear. Dr. Michael Shapiro, Medical Director of Health First NOW Urgent…