What type of dental practice is created when the customer’s experience is of the utmost importance, only the highest quality dental materials are utilized, and the doctor’s advanced education allows her to employ the latest techniques? 

You have Dr. Beverly Rose’s of Exceptional Dentistry in Melbourne, Fl.  

Over fifteen years ago, Rose asked herself, how would I want my family and friends treated when they go to the dentist? As an answer, she built Exceptional Dentistry. 

First, the experience of the customer takes precedent. Rose explains, “We want every customer to feel as if they are the only one that matters when in our office. It is all about personal care. To make this happen, we shortened wait times, offer complimentary consultations and strive to provide outstanding guest service.”

Going to the dentist should be as stress-free as possible. Exceptional Dentistry’s entire office, from front to back, was designed with the comfort of the clients in mind. With comfortable couches in the front lobby and complimentary refreshments, such as flavored coffee, cold juice or bottled water, available while they wait for a family member or friend, clients will not feel like they are in a dental office. 

However, some clients suffer from dental anxiety and cannot relax no matter the environment. The staff at Exceptional Dentistry understands, and there are additional options to help clients relax. 

“We offer a convenient oral medication that allows clients to relax during procedures,” Rose says. “They love it! I frequently hear that they would not have put off their dentistry if they would have known how easy it would have been.”

Rose’s second standard when building her practice was to offer the latest dental procedures, equipment, and technology. To accomplish this, Rose regularly attends advanced education and training at various locations around the country. Dental advances in equipment, techniques, and procedures occur all the time. Additional education allows Rose and her team to stay current on the very latest technological advances for cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, reconstructive dentistry, and routine dentistry. 

Exceptional Dentistry is not only for people wanting cosmetic, reconstructive or neuromuscular dentistry. Exceptional Dentistry and Rose can treat the entire family. In fact, the majority of her practice is made up of routine dentistry like cleanings, exams, x-rays, or cavity repair. Exceptional Dentistry is in the business of maintaining healthy smiles for many families in the area. By utilizing current technology, most dental restorations disappear and look natural. The added bonus is when Rose can assist someone who thought their situation was beyond help, and with today’s technology, it is now possible where they were not before.

“Exceptional Dentistry is all about exceptional service; plain and simple,” shares Rose. “Our directive: Treat the client as you would want yourself and your family to be treated. That puts it all in perspective for us. We love it!” 

Brevard County is full of extraordinary people with incredible determination to excel, and Rose is one of these people. She never settles for anything status-quo, and her team is no different. In her short dental career, she has taken her practice to exceptional heights all for the love of her clients. Experience the difference today, call Exceptional Dentistry for a complimentary consultation and experience firsthand the personalized, relaxing, quality care. 

Do not settle. You too deserve excellence. Dr. Beverly Rose of Exceptional Dentistry and her team of great people are eager to serve you. They take tremendous pride in delivering exceptional customer experiences to clients with personalized care by utilizing the newest technology to achieve the highest quality.