Part – Time Sales Associate | SCB Marketing | Commission Based


The Part-Time Sales Associate will work under the direct supervision of the Director of Business Development. SCB Marketing is the parent company to SpaceCoast Living and SpaceCoast Business magazines, a premier lifestyle magazine in Brevard County.


• Work with Director of Business Development on client prospect lists

• Learn about SpaceCoast Business and SpaceCoast Living publications in regards to […]

Color Shutters and Shades

One of the most classic options for window treatments are shutters, often giving a home a distinctive and timeless appearance that many strive for. When considering your options for shutters, you may only think of the typical shades: White, blue, red, etc. However, utilizing the power of putting a pop of unique color on your […]

One Last Question | Up the Creek Farms

SpaceCoast Living sat down with the owner of Up the Creek Farms, Jess Watson, to discuss weddings and other get-togethers at this breathtaking venue. Listen to what she has to say and learn what inspired it all. 

SCL: What makes Up the Creek Farms such a unique place for weddings?

Up the Creek Farms: The property has […]

Summer Essentials

by Meaghan Branham

Every afternoon is interrupted by a casual torrential downpour, the mosquitoes are unpacking their bags for their seasonal stay, and at last count I have already lost three lip balms and one lipstick to the “my car becomes an inferno around 3 pm and now everything is melting” dilemma that plagues me every […]

One Last Question

In honor of a month dedicated to fathers, we decided to switch things up a bit. Instead of asking one of our most beloved fathers what it’s like being a great dad, we interviewed his son behind the scenes. What has it been like having Eric Wright as a father? Let’s find out! 

SCL: Describe your […]

The Perfect Fit


Windows that present covering or design problems, such as those that are very large or uniquely shaped, are a common concern for homeowners looking to redecorate. While big box stores can help you choose traditional blinds or shades and fit them to the window, experts like those at Blinds of All Kinds can offer up […]

Consulting the Experts

Sometimes when embarking on a new project, we may feel a bit out of our depth. Maybe we are starting a new job, or taking up a new hobby, or moving to a new town. All of these endeavors may feel a little less daunting if we could sit down with someone who has done […]

SCB Marketing Executive Administrative Assistant Opportunity

The world of marketing, especially with a boutique entrepreneurial company like SCB, is fast paced, evolving and offers diverse opportunities that keep it exciting and engaging. Working with the CEO of the firm, who one day is consulting with a multimillion dollar company and the next day speaking to economic development executives from around […]

SCB Marketing Summer Internship Opportunities

Video Production Summer Intern
The videography intern will work under the direct supervision of the Director of Business Development, for the duration of the internship. The internship is a minimum of 20 hours each week for a minimum of 10 weeks.


 Experience and participate in off-site video production;
 Managing real-time, deadline-driven projects including video editing;
 Comfortable working independently […]

Why Punishment Doesn’t Work | School Psychology and Educational Solutions, Inc.

Many parents find the idea of deviating from the traditional punishment and reward system a bit difficult to navigate. After all, how can we reinforce boundaries without them, what are the alternatives and how much more effective can they be? Before we answer these questions, we have to examine the problem with punishment, and why […]

Blind Repair throughout Brevard

Once you have spent the time and money it requires to choose and install the perfect blinds or shutters for you home, the last thing any of us wants to do is come home after a long day to discover that they have been warped or broken by some unexpected circumstance. It’s something most of […]

Make a Statement that Suits Your Style with Custom Bedding

When you’re thinking of replacing or updating just one part of your room, like your curtains or blinds, you might be inspired to make a few more changes. Blinds might lead to curtains, which might need coordinating accent pieces, which might inspire a new paint color, and before you know it, you’ve created the room […]

New Year, New Room

If you have ever found yourself scrolling through Pinterest for hours at a time, or accidentally spending an entire afternoon in front of the television with your eyes glued to HGTV, you have probably been struck by the sudden and all-consuming urge to renovate, or at least redecorate, a space in your home. The beginning […]

Understanding Learning Styles

Have you ever spent hours trying to learn a new skill or concept, only to have it suddenly click the minute it’s explained in a new way, or through a new medium? These a-ha moments might seem miraculous, but often they are simply evidence of the power of knowing and catering to an individual’s learning […]

Identifying Behavioral Issues in the Classroom

When your child is exhibiting signs of behavioral issues or disorders at school, whether that be difficulty concentrating, distracting other children, emotional outbursts, or even aggressive behavior, your first feeling might be one of helplessness. Not knowing why they are behaving this way, or how to resolve these issues can be overwhelming. Knowing the indications […]

Window Treatment Trends

Just as in fashion, the latest interior design trends are always changing. Some are brand new, some have come back into style after a brief hibernation, and some have stood the test of time. The details of a design plan, more specifically the window treatments and coverings, are no exception to these trends, so we […]

Evening of Hope | The Scott Center for Autism Treatment

There are many families affected by autism, whether it’s the individuals with the disease or their relatives seeking treatment for their family member. The Scott Center for Autism Treatment at the Florida Institute of Technology has been a place for individuals to get treatment, for families to learn more about autism and for research to […]

What is a School Psychologist and How Can They Help?

When a student is struggling in school, it can have an impact not only on their academic development, but also their social and emotional development. Whether it be due to a behavioral issue, learning disability, or developmental disorder, challenges in the classroom are frustrating for both the child and the parent, who may find themselves […]

Blinds of All Kinds

When redecorating a room in your home, let alone tackling the exciting but intimidating project of an entire remodel, it can be difficult for most of us to visualize exactly what the end result will be. Sorting through the options, the questions start coming to mind immediately: Maybe that paint color looks perfect on the […]

What’s Your WealthConfidence? | FirstWave  Financial

What if your WealthConfidence has less to do with the amount of money you have and more to do with your mindset? There are eight different mindsets that contribute to an improved WealthConfidence.
In our world today, we are bombarded with information, opinions and ideas regarding our financial future. Sometimes it seems like only those expressed the loudest […]