The Holistic Benefits of Turmeric 

We all love our pets and want the very best for them, especially when it comes to care and medical treatment. Just like humans, certain precautionary measures can be taken to help prevent ailments, or at least cope with them. Dog owners are turning toward a more holistic approach to care, while still adhering to traditional methods of treatment. 

One recent development that’s caught the eye of veterinarians and pet parents are the benefits associated with turmeric for dogs. Research shows this plant-based product has numerous health perks and may improve your dog’s skin conditions, tumors and other concerns. 

How it Works 

Tell your doctor you’re experiencing joint and inflammatory pain and chances are, you’ll be prescribed turmeric. It’s no different for dogs. Studies show that this substance not only helps control the pain, sometimes better than traditional relievers, but it also can help stop the degenerative process of inflammatory cell growth and cancer cell formation. 

Consult First 

Be sure to talk with your dog’s veterinarian before administering turmeric to be sure there is no interaction with other medications that could be harmful to your pet. You can make your own turmeric remedy paste from scratch or purchase an already made formula. Research the various options that work best for your dog’s weight and dosage amount. 

Other Benefits 

This powerful antioxidant can slow down the aging process, increase your dog’s lifespan and help prevent and treat various diseases, all without the harsh side effects of traditional medication. Turmeric works to fight and prevent conditions, some of which include: 


Gastrointestinal issues 

Chronic inflammation