It all started...

Around nine months ago my husband and I decide to move to Viera and six months ago we purchased a lot so we could start building our own home. Our story started with us looking for an investment property in the area, but that quickly decide to relocate here altogether. We learned after a short time here that Melbourne really does have it all – from short rides to major theme parks like Disney, master-planned communities, great recreation options, wonderful dining and amazing beaches, in addition to endless entrepreneurial opportunities and a better quality of life.

1. Master-planned communities for families

One of the most appealing qualities of a master-planned community such as the one we chose in Viera is the family-friendly atmosphere, planned around family values and needs. So far, every neighborhood I have visited in the area has a pocket park that includes at least a playground, and an additional amenity such as a basketball court or splash pad. Many also include a dog park. There are several multi-use centers planned or in development that will offer convenient shopping and dining options for residents. The Viera Company has built a community almost any family would want to live in.

2. Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo is another gem in Viera offering educational and imaginative activities in a world class zoo. I had no idea how much I would love my membership to the Zoo, nor did I realize just how much I would use it. The Brevard Zoo is our family go-to for stimulation and offers a wide array of activities including a splash pad, a petting zoo, a Wildlife Detective Training Academy, a train tour… and did I mention all the animals? I think our favorite event so far was Boo at the Zoo where they set up Trick or Treating throughout the whole zoo. It was such a great treat for our kids, they loved it!

Throughout our short time in Viera, we have been to the Zoo many times and I am amazed that there is always something new going on with their many programs. The Zoo works hard to “promote conservation through education and participation,” and as a result, it offers truly one-of-a-kind experiences for kids. Many of these programs touch on topics that are important to me and my family and I personally love that I can engage my children in learning more about animal conservation and the environment through the experiences offered by our hometown Zoo offers.

3. A-Rated Schools

Speaking of learning, public schools are also amazing in Viera! Every school in Viera has an “A” rating, as determined by a state ranking system with multiple variable. In fact, the schools are so amazing that they are quickly filling up because so many people love this town and are taking advantage of its many opportunities, including top rated schools. New construction is happening on elementary school in the area and charter schools are popping up to accommodate the growth. From our personal experience, we have been very happy with our daughter’s transition to Kindergarten. The teacher has been very hands-on, with great communication, and we have witnessed a lot of growth in our little girl in a short period of time. We are very happy with the public schools in Viera.

4. Best Surf on the East Coast

In addition to the many wonderful reasons to live in Viera I have already mentioned, I must point out the most obvious reason, the beach, or more specifically the surf in Satellite Beach, where we regularly visit! I was born and raised in Southern California and surf is a part of my upbringing, as well as a passion of my husband. The Space Coast has some of the best surf on the east coast, if not the best surf on the east coast! So much so that I’m happy to report the sets have far surpassed even our west coast expectations.

5. A Growing Economy

Another amazing aspect of choosing to live in Viera is the opportunity for economic growth. During the year we have spent building our home, I have been able (and blessed) with the resources and opportunity to launch my own company, Viera Social Media. With my skillsets and the projected growth of Professional and Business Services in Brevard County, I could not resist the opportunity. An opportunity I am so thankful to strive for. An opportunity I am so thankful to have.

Our decision so far…

As a family, we feel more confident with our decision to settle down in Viera today than we ever imagined we would when it all began! Six months ago, we purchased our lot and just over week ago they put a roof and windows on our house. The journey has been so fun and all the best parts are ahead!

The Viera Mom

Along the way I will be sharing information about the building process including the day at the design center, DIY projects, and final decorating.  We will also be sharing our journey building roots in this town while attending events and building traditions and memories with our family!  Please subscribe and follow along!