By Mallorie Ann Ingram

 Whether you’re going through a medical trial, work challenges, or even moving from one home to another, it’s safe to say that life sometimes throws us a curve ball of stress. We’ve talked a lot about survivors in this month’s issue, but let’s take a moment to define this state of survival mode. It’s running on empty, taking one step at a time, rolling with the punches — you catch the drift. 

My dear aunt once said, 


At the time, I didn’t quite grasp what she was saying. Nevertheless, I decided to take the advice of this wise woman. I grabbed a chair, a towel and a glass of my favorite wine one breezy afternoon and plopped down into the sand. That particular day had rendered itself the meaning of a “bad day.” After gazing out to sea in such a peaceful setting, I suddenly recognized my stress level going down; I chuckled slightly, and said, “Wow she was right.” 

 Listen ladies. We’re powerful women, strong females, all making a difference in some way on a daily basis. Often, there’s the pressure of being a superwoman (whether in the work place or at home). In fact, it doesn’t surprise anyone that the majority of women were taught to never show signs of weakness, especially when it comes to surviving in a man’s world. 

I remember attending a local conference with a room full of women, inspirational speakers and the like, and one person said something that hit home. She explained to this group of powerful ladies, at all stages of life and careers, that if you don’t stop and breathe, have down time, and truly take care of your body, mind and soul, how are you supposed to influence others for the greater good? That’s easier said than done. However, the impact of this statement was that every single woman agreed. We were all in the same boat. It was a relatable instance that showed me, among other ladies in the room, that we are all, oftentimes, in survival mode and we need to support each other through it. 

How do you survive the inevitability of life? Before you let stress creep in and stack up odds against you, stop and find your own interpretation of relaxation by the sea and share it with others. ◆