Take a look at the premier pictures of the new Amazing Explorers Academy in Viera, Florida. This school is the newest location for AEA, and we are all thrilled to have the AEA brand here in the Space Coast. Amazing Explorers Academy fosters a nurturing daycare and preschool environment where little minds open up to develop lifelong learning skills all designed to inspire, connect, and engage the next great minds of the 21st century.

Amazing Explorers Academy is educating today’s children for tomorrow’s world, getting them ready for careers we have yet to even dream of. In fact, over 64% of the jobs and careers elementary school students will undertake do not even exist yet!  AEA is preparing children for this with their leading-edge STEAM curriculum that focuses science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

I was invited by Lisette Raynor, the Opening Coordinator for the east region programs, to tour the school. When I stepped inside, I was blown away by the beauty of the school.  All of the classrooms are designed to surround and feed out to the play yard. This creates beautiful views and lots of light to inspire learning and creativity. Unlike traditional playgrounds, AEA will have unique play structures that are meant for subjective play where kids use their imaginations and explore wherever their curiosity leads them. All the play structures will be made of a sustainable and heat-resilient wood. The grass turf was designed with large mounds the children can crawl and play on, with different heights at various areas of the playground to suit diverse ages.

The STEAM Experience room is a special room located in the center of the school, with large windows opening to the play yard. This is where kids get hands-on experience with the STEAM curriculum, with the ability to explore and investigate, research, and create. Here, kids can learn the basics of computer coding, video animation, and robotics. AEA also has a strong focus on sensory, creative, and active play, alongside social and emotional development.

There are 10 separate, big, and bright classrooms that each have a few variations within them. For example, the classrooms for the 3-year old’s and 4-year old’s have adorable reading nooks that will allow each child to have a safe and quiet place to relax and read, while also doubling as a dramatic art stage where children can act out their wild imaginations.

One of the creators and owners of the brand, Marcello Spinelli, is extremely excited to be launching in the Space Coast.

“There are so many creative and innovative jobs and careers here, so naturally it just seemed like the right fit for us to expand to Viera. We, as a brand, are here to help children grow into confident young people who we believe will live lives that are far beyond the ordinary.”

I am so excited to return when the campus is completed and see the playground equipment and STEAM exhibit finalized.  For now, this was an exciting sneak peek of what is sure to be an amazing school!  Amazing Explorers accepts children from ages 6 weeks old to 5 years old and has a before/ after school programs for children ages 5 to 12.

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