Isaac may be on the way, but it doesn’t mean all the rain has to ruin the days ahead. Sometimes it’s hard to see the “bright” side of things when you’re cooped up in the house without anywhere to go without the risk of getting drenched. So, when you’re homeward bound, here’s a list of inspiring ideas to keep you and the family occupied.

1) Make a meal together: All good things happen in the kitchen and take place around the dinner table. Check out our blog for past recipe ideas!
2) Watch home movies: Gather the family for an evening of laughing and remembering together.
3) Read a book: Here’s a list of movies hitting the big screens soon!
4) Play a board game: Gather around the table and invite the friends and family together. Have you played Apples to Apples yet?? It’s sure to get laughs
5) Try a new hairstyle: Pinterest has tons of tutorials with step-by-step guide to a new “do.” Check out my “hairspiration” board for ideas!
6) Clean: I know this isn’t dubbed as a “fun” activity, but why not be productive? Here’s some tips for easy cleaning and home organizing!
7) Get crafty: Check out for ideas!
8) Have an indoor treasure hunt: You can create a treasure hunt just for the kids or your loved one! Create envelopes with clues leading to the next envelope until the participants reach their prize! It can be a new toy for the little one or a giftcard for the wife to her favorite spa! Get creative
9) Have an indoor tent: This is perfect if you’re canoodling with your significant other over a bottle of wine, or curling up with the little ones and watching their favorite movie.
10) Excerise: Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t find time to fit in your workout. Youtube has a ton of different workout videos to choose from. Check out this list of Fitness Channels to follow!

Wa la! Share our favorite rainy day ideas with us.