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Hurricane Season Checklist


By: Christopher Burton Homes The sweltering days of summer are upon us here in sunny Florida. Life on the Space Coast is usually a striking mix of bright blue skies and coastal breezes. Long days of sunshine coupled with afternoon…


Movies, Gaming & More

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Enjoy World Class Entertainment at Home A media room and home theater room are not one and the same though the terms are sometimes mistakenly used interchangeably. A media room is multipurpose and meant for entertaining and enjoying with friends….


Home Buying Trends: Millenials vs Boomers


  By: Christopher Burton Luxury Homes   When it comes to home buying trends, there is definitely a difference between boomers and Millenials as the two have different ideologies on what the entire process is. For starters, while young people…


Get the Look: Kitchen Design Trends

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The kitchen is the place that busy families cook, chat and congregate.  Long considered “the heart of the home” kitchens are now the new family room, a hub of activity for families and guests. “Whether you are entertaining, helping kids…


4 Reasons Why You Must Make Haste and Build Now


Are you thinking of postponing your decision to build your dream home yet again? Any housing agent or real estate expert with the requisite depth of insight will tell you with all honesty that now is the time to build….


Home is Where the Art Is

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Some homeowners find that selecting a piece of art to complement a room can be an overwhelming process filled with many opinions and recommendations. But for some passionate art lovers, the perfect piece of art is the starting point and…


Protocols You Should Take Before Building Your Custom Home

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Melbourne, Florida is an area with beautiful beaches, lots of employment opportunities, top-rated schools, plenty of recreational facilities and activities and quick access to main roads. It is therefore an ideal location to build or buy a home. Home builders…


Wired Up

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  Automation Systems for the Home Twenty-five years ago, the only wires a house needed were phone and electrical lines. Now, more and more houses depend on another type of wiring — a home network that connects the proliferating elec-…


Help for Homeowners


In the early 90s, we turned to Tim “the-tool-man” Taylor for comic relief when it came to making home maintenance and improvement projects on TV. But in real life, we want anything but a “Home Improvement” story gone wrong. So,…


Burton Homes on Houzz

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Looking for inspiration to build your dream home? Christopher Burton Homes on Houzz is a creative way to collect inspiring images of your most favorite designs from around the world.  Since Christopher Burton Homes is a white paper builder, you are encouraged…


From Building to Remodeling

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If you are seeking to refresh the look of where you are living, but you aren’t ready to build your own custom home, remodeling could be a great option for you. Burton Home Services offers a wide range of services…


Summer Kitchens


Summer Klitchens have become a true focal point for all newly constructed homes in Brevard County.  One of the greatest ways to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine is right in the comfort of your own home, grilling delicious food, enjoying…


Burton Homes Gets Social


Christopher Burton Homes is taking an industry leading approach to marketing.  You have to be present to win and for them, winning means engaging with our clients and building a relationship with them from the very beginning. We all know the…


Custom Home Building: How Much Say Should You Have?


If you’re thinking about building a new home there are undoubtedly a lot of questions you may be asking about what the entire process from beginning to end will look like. Building a house is a large and exciting project,…