Enjoy World Class Entertainment at Home

A media room and home theater room are not one and the same though the terms are sometimes mistakenly used interchangeably. A media room is multipurpose and meant for entertaining and enjoying with friends. While some homes do have a dedicated theater and/or media room, many of today’s homeowners are installing system components into their multipurpose rooms, such as an expanded living or family room, according to Tom Davis of Christopher Burton Luxury Homes.

In comparison, a home theater is used primarily for watching movies and a true night-at-the-movies ambiance. Though movie buffs can get the theater experience in a media room, most have an area dedicated to watching movies or shows with high definition television, robust speaker and sound system and comfortable seating.

“People are staying home and enjoying home more,” Tom Davis of Burton Homes explained.

Luckily, for those seeking the movie theater experience at home, the quality of home theater equipment has increased, while prices of this equipment have decreased.

Modern technology has made streaming favorite video and audio content instantly to home theater systems easier than ever. As a result, more and more homeowners are experiencing movie theater-quality entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.

“Now with the advancements of streaming video like VuDo, HuLu and Netflix just to name a few; people have complete control of what they want to watch in the palm of their hands,” said Jason Barati of Absolute Automation and Security. “No more running to the local movie rental store or machine to pick out a movie that may or may not be there. Also no more late fees; simply just point and click to stream your movie whenever you want.”

Audio quality is often the most overlooked attribute of a home theater, even though it greatly impacts the overall experience. Lighting, seating, system control and room aesthetics are also important components that must be factored into the design.

“Sound and speaker systems are the biggest thing,” Tom said. “As important as the picture.”
Soundproof walls and floors are also essential so as not to disrupt the other living areas of the home.
While media or “club” rooms do have a dedicated area for media, it is not the only function of the room. Friends will congregate here; it’s the ultimate spot for watching sports games and the place for the family to gather for movie or game night. These spaces may also hold a bar, pool table or other entertaining areas for guests. These rooms can be connected to a porch as another extension of the home.

“Spend the money on a good programmable remote control,” Jason advises. “Controlling of all the equipment and remembering what input is for what device is getting harder for most people. If you or a spouse doesn’t understand how to turn it on and use it, the greatest system would be a waste of money if you’re not going to use it.”

A team approach with interior designers, expert professionals like Absolute Automation and Security, and custom home builder Christopher Burton Luxury Homes will ensure your every entertainment dream comes true.

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