Automation Systems for the Home

Twenty-five years ago, the only wires a house needed were phone and electrical lines. Now, more and more houses depend on another type of wiring — a home network that connects the proliferating elec- tronic devices used for entertainment, communication and security. More homeowners are relying on structured wiring for their home network which can make life at home a little easier in a busy world.

Structured wiring allows homeowners to plug a movie into the DVD player and watch it on any TV in the house, or control all the lights from a single keypad. And that’s just the basics. Structured wiring is a general term that refers to a whole-house network of audio, video, data, telephone, television, home automation or security signals. It begins with a structured networking panel which accepts cables from outside providers and distributes the signals directly to each room in your home.

But what about wireless? Even though today’s wireless technology has vastly improved in the past few years, even the experts realize that structured wiring has retained huge advan- tages. Problems such as electrical interference and “dead zones” are largely a thing of the past; however wireless still contains inherent issues. First of which is security, wireless networks especially those integrated with security alarms provide large holes into which customers lives can be accessed and violated. The second problem wireless networks have is simply bandwidth. Wireless just can’t compete with the speed of hardwired systems, and in our daily lives on the run, speed becomes a critical issue.

Absolute Automation & Security, Inc. provides, designs, services and installs structured wiring and home electronics for new con- struction. Professional installation and advanced testing equipment ensures that your wiring is protected and ready to handle the increasing demand of home technology.


So why install during pre-construction, when it can be added later?

One word…cost. While it is true that structured wiring for digital cable/satellite, computer networking and even security can be added after construction. the cost required to install the “retrofitted” wire is at a minimum twice that of pre-construction, not including repairs that would need to be made afterwards. customers presented with this fact easily see the benefit of being prepared for their current and future needs with a low-cost pre-construction wiring package.

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