If you’re thinking about building a new home there are undoubtedly a lot of questions you may be asking about what the entire process from beginning to end will look like. Building a house is a large and exciting project, but at the same time you may be wondering about the amount of input a homebuilder is able to provide during the whole process.

Chris Burton Homes offers an effective six-step process to completing a custom home; it accomplishes this by being thorough in the early design and planning stages, when a customer’s input is most valuable.

  1. Starts with a design meeting
  2. Christopher Burton team goes to work
  3. Plans are drawn up
  4. Construction begins
  5. Meetings with client to make it perfect
  6. Home is a masterpiece!

For Chris Burton Homes, they believe that a client’s input is important in the custom home-building process. It guides the entire process of designing and building the home— after-all it IS your home and it is a huge investment on your part. The team recommends seeing client’s notes, impressions, sketches and even photos from magazines that you are interested in and have caught your attention.

At the initial stage, Chris Burton Homes puts together designs based on a clients ideas until they feel like have a blueprint and a plan that captures their vision.

As the building process begins, Chris Burton Homes rely on a client’s insight to choose the details that they want to see in their home. During the actual construction process, it may be difficult for homeowners to envision the finished home during a walk-through, but they still value feedback tremendously at that stage.

Chris Burton Homes hopes that you will be asking questions and voicing concerns, as well as presenting ideas as early as possible, which gives them all get need to complete  an elegant new custom home for you and your family!

For more information, visit burtonhomes.com.