Summer Klitchens have become a true focal point for all newly constructed homes in Brevard County.  One of the greatest ways to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine is right in the comfort of your own home, grilling delicious food, enjoying a cold beverage while floating in your custom designed pool.

Summer kitchens offer families a wide variety of outdoor cooking options.  Whether you’re preparing dinner for your small family, entertaining your extended family or have opened your home up to friends, taking advantage of your summer kitchen space will certainly relax your mind and bring your “at home experience” to a whole new level.

Homebuilding is drastically changing these days – families want to make the most use out of space and create a home with more manageable features.  Lot sizes are smaller,  therefore making available home size smaller as well.  With a shift to indoor/outdoor living and making the most use out of livable space, the summer kitchen is the perfect way to utilize space and create livable space outside

Designing two unique kitchen spaces within your home can be quite an exciting experience.  Once you’ve designed the layout of the spaces and how they will best fit your cooking style, the exciting process of selecting countertops, backsplash, tile details, appliances, plumbing fixtures and much more begins.  Having an industry leading professional by your side will surely help you create unique spaces that showcase your family’s style.

“The new architectural model blends indoor and outdoor living space in a seamless and integrated way,” says Davis.  ”With homes becoming smaller and lot sizes for new construction becoming smaller as well, we have had to become very innovative in how we use and coordinate space.  Buyers today are not interested in purchasing more interior space than they will use on a regular basis.  Enlarged outdoor living areas make a home feel and live bigger.”

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