Christopher Burton Homes is taking an industry leading approach to marketing.  You have to be present to win and for them, winning means engaging with our clients and building a relationship with them from the very beginning.

We all know the internet has grown exponentially over the past couple years and it’s the #1 place people turn to when wanting information.  There’s no more advertising your business in the Yellow Pages…instead, you have to be sure Google and various other search engines know who you are and that your products and services are current.

That’s why they’ve  designed various outlets for interaction with our community.  Whether you’re stopping by the website to view images from our gallery and stumble upon our latest blogs or articles for review – Burton Homes is engaging with clients without having direct communication.  They’re providing them with information!  Be sure to leave your comments or questions on their Blog site!

Other social outlets include Facebook and Twitter, for the day-to-day feel good posts that point their following to relevant information about the company, community events, pictures, videos or even our weekly inspirations.  They are outlets that interact with the community and allow the community to interact with one another, sharing a common interest – their love of a Christopher Burton Home!

Another key area of their social media campaign is to follow Christopher Burton Homes on Pinterest or Houzz where images and videos of our best designs are available to inspire your creative thinking.  A picture speaks a thousand words they want to know exactly what inspires you.  It’s what makes building a custom home truly unique – you’re taking ideas and making them your own.

With the housing market on the rise, inquiries for new construction increasing, and Brevard County feeling the wave of relocation, they find staying in touch with our prospects is the key to building a strong relationship.  At Christopher Burton Homes, they believe in “Building homes for life and relationships for a lifetime.”

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