BIMDA plans Annual Medical Conference in November with Greek Themed Gala

The Brevard Indo-American Medical & Dental Association is launching yet another landmark event on November 22. It will be a full scale production of a medical event by day with a continuing medical education “CME conference” with medical and professional business exhibits.

BIMDA is renowned for unveiling trendsetting exotic themed events at the evening gala banquet. This year’s theme will be Greek, a combination of Ancient and Modern Greece. The cultural showcase is managed by none other than BIMDA’s impresario and co-founder, Glad Kurian.

Glad has been successful in engaging the help of Ioanna Hawkins, secretary of the Greek Association in Brevard.

“We appreciate the opportunity to share with BIMDA our rich Greek culture via GAAB Brevard (The Greek- American Association of Brevard.) GAAB shares and admires the humble philanthropy that BIMDA has demonstrated in Brevard Country.” — Ioanna Hawkins, Secretary GAAB

A Long History of Success

The November event will follow the success of the organization’s earlier event on April 26 that included
the group’s annual Medical Expo and Keynote Speaker Dr. Anthony Catanese.

“I am delighted to work with the wonderful folks at BIMDA. The Indo-American Physicians and Dentists, along with business leaders, greatly improve the quality of life on the Space Coast. Their strong support of higher education is truly remarkable. I look forward to their generosity and commitment,” said Dr. Anthony Catanese.

Dr. and Mrs. Catanese with Dr. and Mrs. Ravi Shankar

Dr. Ravi Shankar, BIMDA’s chairman and president is ecstatic about the year’s progress. Starting the year with an ICD-10 Conference sponsored by ExecuSys, BIMDA has once again attracted positive attention by the medical community; combine this with a successful Medical Expo in April and an exciting offering in November, makes for a busy year.

Health First, Parrish Medical Center and Wustehoff Health System jointly underwrote the educational component of the conference. CME accreditation is managed by HRMC CME Committee under license by Florida Medical Association, FMA. Now in its 15th year since incorporating as a nonprofit professional organization, BIMDA is also fast approaching its 20th anniversary since the group was first founded by three unique individuals: Dr. Mahesh Soni, pediatrician; Glad Kurian, vice president with Morgan Stanley; and Dr. Subhash Rege, general dentist.

In 20 years, the growth of BIMDA has been astounding. “We owe our success to the group’s vision of being an all-inclusive gathering of physicians, dentists, hospitals and health care partners,” said Glad Kurian.

“BIMDA has built a solid reputation for attracting event partners who have a strong commitment to developing Brevard’s healthcare infrastructure with dedicated physicians and dentists,” said Dr. Ashok Shah, who just completed 10 years as the group’s sponsorship chair. Dr. Shah, an internist in Titusville and board member with Parrish Medical Center, is widely recognized for strengthening the organization’s support base over the years.

Dr. Sharad Vyas, president-elect for BIMDA in 2015, is brimming with pride. “I am proud to be associated with BIMDA, a group that is doing noble things for the medical community while engaging in significant charitable activity with the community,” said Dr. Sharad Vyas.


BIMDA supports a wide array of local charities including:

At the April 22 dinner and prior to the April 2014 Expo, several local charities were recognized and awarded checks. The list includes:

  • Space Coast Center for Mothers with Children
  • United Way of Brevard
  • Holiday Reaching Out Fund by Florida Today
  • Jess Parrish Medical Foundation
  • Brevard Symphony Orchestra
  • Health First Foundation
  • Tiny Girl Big Dream
  • Cancer Care Centers of Brevard
  • Women’s Center of Brevard
  • Scott Center for Autism Treatment at FIT