You’ve loved your gorgeous hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets for years and maybe they’re starting to show it. Over time, wood cabinets and floors can become damaged or faded. From worn out high traffic areas on the floors in your house to the normal wear and tear on your cabinets or maybe you’re just ready for a new look, N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal can restore the original beauty without having to replace flooring or cabinets.

N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal is an innovative, affordable cabinet and floor renewal service that renews your wood cabinets and floors without the dust, inconvenience and noxious fumes associated with traditional refinishing methods.

The renewal process thoroughly cleans the surface, removes old coatings, repairs damaged areas with less mess and applies an elegant Lightspeed finish.

Lightspeed is the process of refinishing your hardwood floors or cabinets and curing them with a powerful ultraviolet light that is only available from N-Hance. This instant cure process sets the industry standards for hardwood refinishing. This process requires no sanding, is non-toxic and virtually ordorless.


Most floors can be done in a single day with the Revolutionary LightSpeed instant cure technology. By using a UV light to fully cure the finish, your furniture and rugs can be replaced the same day. Since this service does not require sanding, it is ideal for all types of floors including bamboo, cork, hand scraped and other engineered floors. Jobs range from a floor that has some visible wear with light surface scratches to a floor with grey to black traffic areas that have been worn down to the bare wood.


The basic cabinet renewal job brings cabinets back to their original beauty. It involves a chemical cleaning with an abrasive pad then touching up any worn areas usually found around the sink and door handles. The final step is to apply a clear urethane finish which provides the desired sheen (satin, semi-gloss or gloss.)

A color change can achieve a variety of looks from a subtle shift to a dramatic change like going from a golden oak or whitewash finish to a cherry, walnut or black tone. This can be done with translucent finishes which allow you to retain the beauty of the grain in your wood. Opaque cabinet finishes cover the wood with rich, beautiful color. Opaque colors can be customized to match your desired look.

An added detail can be achieved with a darker color glaze highlighting the routered edges of your doors, drawer fronts and trim. Most basic renewals are completed in one day and color changes in three to four days, which is both economical and convenient.

Real Estate Applications

The N-Hance process also can be used on staircases, handrails, doors, mantels and is a great way to add value to your home prior to selling or on a home you have
recently purchased.

Commercial Application

Due to the need to stay operational in commercial applications, the Lightspeed instant-cure finish allows businesses like hotels and restaurants to keep their lobbies and other wood surfaces looking good with minimal downtime.

Renews, Conserves and Preserves

When you choose to clean, repair,  renew and preserve your wood surfaces with N-Hance instead of replacing them, you can feel good knowing that you are choosing a path of conservation – saving trees, fossil fuels and a reduction in greenhouse gases.

N-Hance uses high performance, low VOC water-based polyurethane finishes.

By reducing the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in our products we reduce the compounds that enter the atmosphere and have been found to be related to the reduction of ozone.

Licensed and insured, N-Hance is a national franchise, serving Brevard and Indian River counties. For a free home estimate call (321) 243-6054 or visit