Five Ways A New Home Will Cut Energy Costs


To reduce the amount of energy consumed monthly, homeowners can look for a Melbourne Fl home builder for energy efficiency services. There are simple efficient energy consumption approaches that can be used to cut down the amount of energy consumed in a home.

Sometimes the appliances that are used may be inappropriate while others may not only be perfect but also cost-effective. For instance using fluorescent lighting and natural skylights requires less amount of energy than incandescent light bulbs. In a similar vein, insulation of the building leads to lower amounts of energy for heating and cooling for maintenance of optimum temperatures.

Applying High-Tech Insulation to a new Home

The comfort of a home is dependent upon insulation than photovoltaic solar appliances or other types of green technology. In areas with inclement conditions and prevalence of winters, wall or attic insulation is ideal.

However, there are values to reflect, these are US R-values, Metric system: R5 to R7 (30 to 40) for extremely cold residences and R-20 for other conditions. Home owners should also insulate their floors adequately as it is done to the walls. Energy experts have pointed out that sufficient floor insulation in a home cuts down on costs.

Insulating floors leads to less heating and cooling energy costs. Energy preservation is argued to be more cost-effective unlike creation and generation of heat or electricity. This is why homeowners should optimally install insulation materials all over the building shell.

High efficiency HVAC

Using HVAC systems is one way to control energy consumption in cooling and heating appliances in your home. HVAC compressors are effective air-side economizers that chill the building in lieu of generating cool air.

They also include fan speed controllers that are automated to either speed up or slow air circulation, when optimum temperatures are achieved it is turned off. Through demand controlled ventilation, the fans work based on the levels of Carbon (IV) Oxide, they do not run continuously. Demand-controlled is the most appropriate ventilation for cold seasons in Melbourne.

Hot Water Systems

There are also services to cut down on energy consumption from electric heaters through insulation. The natural gas and oil hot water tank should also be insulated by experts so that the water heater tops or other components are not covered. You can also hire services that aim at cleaning debris and sentiment from your tank and piping systems, these hamper heat transfer.

Energy Efficient Systems

The lighting system adopted should be energy efficient, avoid traditional incandescent lighting bulbs and embrace new products such as fluorescent bulbs. The home owner can also use LED lighting which can be installed by an affordable home builder. These lighting systems are cost effective and eco-friendly. They emit lighting depending on the levels of light available.

Sealed Envelope

Your home building should be constructed with a thermal envelope that will lead to reduced heating and cooling costs. The heat control layers such as walls and floors should be properly insulated to conserve heat during winters. Through thermograph methods, a homeowner can get a complete attic and insulated walls that regulate temperatures properly.