Home Accents that Bring Passion

The color red is widely known as the color of passion and romance, so February is the perfect month to add some home accents of this stimulating, enticing and intriguing color. Hardly described as “boring,” red is often used as a design tool to heighten the senses and draw attention to a room that is otherwise more low-key. Depending on the myriad of shades, red also has the power to make a room more cozy and intimate, and can be paired with almost any color scheme, allowing for endless possibilities of decorating your living space. Listed below are different home accessories to try in red to spice things up for the month of “fiery” romance and “rustic” affection.

Living Room
An area rug, especially an oriental style, is an ideal way to bring in the color into your living room since it can go with many different decors. Adding red throw pillows to your couch or ones that have hints of the color are also a great way to pick up the hue.

Dining Room
Decorative plates, either on the dining room table or in a glass cabinet for display look classy and elegant, and you can get creative with different red centerpieces for your table. Try a bright red vase, or an indoor decorative lantern with red cranberry sprigs.

The first requirement for adding romantic accents to the bedroom is to make sure the room is free of clutter. Once everything is neat and organized, place some red leather bound antique books on your nightstand to make the room look cozier. Also, red silk fabric for linens or pillowcases is ideal for the bed, jazzing up the room and making for a more comfortable sleep.

There are many red accessories that can be used to discreetly draw attention to the décor that appear in the kitchen. Red wine bottles, whether on a rack or on the kitchen counter or table work, as well as a bowl of rich red apples — fake or real.

Red hand, face and body towels are an obvious fixture that works for spicing up your bathroom with some romance. Line up various sizes of red candles along the bathtub or on a bathroom shelf for added elegance.

Hall Space
Decorate your hall space with showpieces such as indoor plants and an embellished mirror. Red hibiscus flowers (plenty abound the Space Coast!), a lipstick plant, and a wax begonia are great flowers that come in the fiery shade, and a red mirror comes in handy for you and your guests.