“I’m here to get my wife signed up for a membership.”  These words I hear oh so often and wonder why on national average men spend far less time taking care of themselves than women.  In most cases I find that these men seeking services for their wives are in far greater need than their female counterpart.

Now of course many men have come to the conclusion that their professional lives just don’t allow time for such behavior.  But I must say that I have plenty of professional women who carve out time in their busy days.  So in part it becomes obvious for some reason it is more acceptable for men to “let themselves go.”

There’s a cartoon I often use in presentations that depicts a thin woman looking in the mirror and all she sees is fat, while a rotund man looks at his reflection only to find quite the buff stud staring back.  So I say it’s time to nix this double standard guys and let’s GET YOUR MOJO BACK!  These days women are targeted and (over-targeted) for a plethora of anti- aging procedures and treatments.  But there’s nothing wrong with you looking good and turning back the clock a little too.  The health benefits of exercise are numerous, but it seems that the litany of health problems so many men I meet every day are facing, don’t seem to be enough to get them moving.*

*So what’s the secret to getting started on the road to regaining your “Mojo”?  First of all you have to commit to changing the mindset that it is too late, as it is never too late!  Then think back, if you used to like to do something, what was it?  Is there something active you were once passionate about?  Basketball, swimming, running or golf?  Or experiment with a brand new activity – in-line skating, table tennis, cycling or paddle boarding.  There are local clubs and associations for just about everything.  And one thing is for sure, when you become passionate about something, you’ll want to get better at it.  And that’s often what it takes for men to find the time and make the commitment.  So get out there and explore something new or re-visit something old- drag that bowling ball from the attic or dust off those old running shoes.  Living on the Space Coast offers us some of the very best choices in active lifestyles, so take advantage of that.  I regularly cycle with middle aged men that are outstanding athletes and that are in some cases way more fit that than the youngsters out there.  On the tennis court I play with men who take great pride in not only their game, but also their athleticism and physiques.  They are committed to being their best and so they take care of themselves on and off the field of competition.

No more saying “I used to be an athlete, I used to play ball, I used to lift weights.”  Don’t be “a used to be.”  You still can. I regularly see the younger set failing at our our style of workouts while men 40, 50 and more are tearing through the most intense workouts.  They look and feel great and most importantly they are in superb health.

So don’t wait until you’re forced to take countless meds to keep you going.  YOU determine your health going forward.  Whatever it takes to get you out of the home-work-home rut, do it now!    If you haven’t been doing much, make certain to check with your physician before you run out and start playing ball, lifting weights or doing anything strenuous.  Before long you’ll be feeling like your “new” old self again and you’ll be able to take back your mojo.

Rod Stewart, is the owner of Club Performax in Melbourne.  He is dedicated to helping men, women and youngsters keep their ‘mojo’ for life.  He consults and educates locally and nationally.  He invites everyone to just move a little more and have fun in while in motion.  If you have a question for Rod, e-mail him: rstewart@clubperformax.com