By Beth Kelly

Halloween is right around the corner, and even if you’re too old for trick-or-treating finding the right costume can be a difficult decision. For one night only, both children and adults have the chance to revel in the pagan holiday devoted to spooky characters, crazy costumes and cavities. When Halloween ensembles for adults can range from a simple t-shirt to full-on theater costumes, finding the perfect fit for your celebrations can take some serious searching. Here are five trendy Halloween looks to consider as you get dressed for the big night.

Superhero Costumes

Superhero costumes are especially popular this year, due in part to the number of superhero action flicks currently in theaters. Depending on the character you choose, your outfit could be clever, revealing, or purely evil. While male superheroes usually get the most attention in cartoons and films, Halloween is the time of year that women can take back both the streets and skies. The Wonder Woman costume is a perennial favorite, among Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, or female renditions of Spiderman. The variety of colors, accessories, and styles seen on female superheroes makes them a great source of costume inspiration.

Zombies and Vampires

Fan’s love of “True Blood” and “The Walking Dead” has yet to subside, and grumpy zombies and sexy vampires remain as popular as ever among adults on Halloween. Worn by men and women of all ages, zombie and vampire costumes can be taken in many different directions. On the low end, all it takes to craft an undead or blood-sucking look is a few facial products, accessories, and old clothing. To take your costume to the next level, invest in some fake blood, Dracula teeth, or a new wig and hit the town.

Characters from “Frozen”

Whenever a movie is as popular as “Frozen” was this year, costumes inspired by its characters are sure to be big. Women may choose to dress like main characters Elsa and Anna, while men could go for a fun snow monster/yeti look. Re-watch the film for additional outfit inspiration. These costumes may lack the fear factor of zombies, ghosts, or even other Disney villains, but they’re great for families with young children who were fans of the film. If anyone is confused as to who you are, just break into your own rendition of “Frozen’s” hit song, “Let It Go.”

T-Shirt/Pajama Costumes

For a love of irony or a lack of Halloween spirit, some will settle for T-Shirt costumes. Neither particularly creative nor horrifying, a costume consisting of a casual t-shirt is still better than none at all. There are a variety of t-shirt “costumes” available for women and men, including t-shirts with bikini body figures, phrases like “zombies ate my costume” printed on the front, or  sleeves that give the illusion of tattoos. Pajama costumes, or “kigurumis” are another easy option for a fun and frightful night. Urban Outfitters is one retailer selling animal-esque pajama suits and coats that double as great costumes.

Emoji Costumes

If your child still thinks you don’t know what “LOL” stands for, show them you’re tech savvier than they think by dressing like an emoji character on All Hallows Eve. A witty take on typical costumes, emoji icons are more funny than frightful. For women, there are a few good options – the Salsa Dancer, Waving Girl and Dancing Girls are a few that have already been transformed into costumes. Emojis have taken over iPhone communication, inventing their own lexicon of imagery. Show you’re capable of conveying nuanced emotion through costume by dressing like a flexing bicep, crystal ball, or the controversial prayer hands/high five. You’ll get cool points with the kids and conceptual points with everyone else.