Eau Gallie’s Upcycled Vintage Boutique

When it comes to fashion, Electric Oranges is anything but traditional. This unique vintage and modern upcycled Melbourne based pop-up apparel boutique offers clothing and accessories that are far from mainstream.  Co-owners and best friends, Carly Sinigoi and Sarah Starling — both whom have shared a desire to shop at thrift outlets and wear clothing that they describe as a weird, vintage mix of yesterday and today since meeting in high school — are passionate about being “stylish thrifty.”

“We began the business by setting up a workshop in my living room,” said Carly. “First we began digging clothing out of our own closets with the goal of repurposing them — ripping out sleeves and sewing everything from buttons to lace and patches, beads and trim on them.  We decided two years ago to take our new designs — styles that incorporate a variety from Goth to preppy to hippy and everything in between — to sell at an event called Urban Trade and share a booth with some friends.”

Soon after, they decided to launch their traveling boutique and gave it the name “Electric Oranges.”

“Our inspiration for the name was derived from a punk-new wave club we had heard of called Electric Banana. Our decision to add “oranges” to the name was because we are both Florida gals, thus it seemed a perfect fit.”

They currently promote their business on Facebook and Instagram to alert customers about where they will be selling their eclectic apparel at upcoming events and festivals.  “I’ve always enjoyed wearing clothing that is vintage and even a little funky,” explained Carly.  “And I love thrifting — the dirtiest and messiest thrift stores are where we find many of the garments and accessories we repurpose. Upcycling through repair and repurposing saves beautiful clothes from the discard heap.”

“Our goal is to recreate a garment that is one of a kind, bringing old style back to life while giving each piece a whole new look,” she said.

Their inventory, though constantly changing, includes everything from dresses, shirts, pants, hats, jackets, boots, evening gowns, hand tooled leather purses and even swimwear and lingerie. The boutique features items priced from a $5 belt to a $200 couture vintage jacket — some even brand new and in original condition.

Even without brick and mortar, the two have been able to thrive in the pop-up world at festivals and events, but according to Carly, they’re now focused on becoming more portable. Recently, she purchased a 1960’s vintage trailer she and Sarah plan to turn into a mobile shop on wheels. “It will be a fun way to bring our treasures to these events and enable us to make our boutique more accessible when we begin traveling further distances even statewide.”

Recently they have created a fall/winter collection which includes many blazers, jackets, sweaters and dresses just in time for the cooler weather.

On Valentine’s weekend, Electric Oranges will be one of several artisans that will showcase at Derek Gores Gallery, 587 W. Eau Gallie Blvd. in downtown Eau Gallie. They will introduce a new line of exquisite vintage sleepwear and lingerie that they have transformed.

“Both Sarah and I have never been afraid of self-expression. We put our heart and soul into creating our recycled fashions. If we find something that needs a little love then we try to ‘electrify’ it,” said Carly.

To check out upcoming events where Electric Oranges will be setting up shop, visit: Facebook.com/2electricoranges or search Electric Oranges on Instagram.