We all have had those moments when we find our pets are so cute that we just need to share it with the rest of the world. We asked our readers to send in a photo of their favorite furry friends to show off. Here’s what you shared!


“He’s the funniest little dog I have ever met. He springs around like a pogo stick, and he is the first dog I have ever met that doesn’t like walks, treats or food. He’s starting to get better with it but sometimes I think he was meant to be a cat.”

— Rachel Hoch








“Cairo is a brilliant police dog and my husband is an amazing and dedicated police officer, K-9 handler, husband, father and friend.”

— Karen Delos Santos










“Charlie is 8 months old and he loves life! He is such a ball of energy. He loves to play fetch for hours and he doesn’t like to take naps. All of his friends are twice his size but it doesn’t bother him, he thinks he’s one of the big dogs. His favorite treats are peanut butter and frozen yogurt.”

— Christa Griffin








“Lola is a 3-year-old Australian shepherd and keeps us hopping with her energy and antics. She loves her tennis balls. She loves it! She also loves her neighbors and plays with other dogs every chance she gets.”

— Lisa Oas








“Miles plays fetch for hours, he snores loud, he is beginning a career as a therapy dog, he smiles 24/7, and he gives unconditional love. Oh, he rides in my basket on my English Pashley bike everyday. He loves the ocean breeze running through his fur.”

— Kate Gurecki








“Tiki is a rescued cat from the South Brevard Animal Shelter. He gets insulin shots twice a day to control his feline diabe- tes, sports a small tiki charm on his collar in honor of his name, and he has a freakishly loud purr and meow.”

—Rick and Jeanette Roach