Hurricane Product Warehouse

Be a part of the global energy solution!

We are all aware of the current global energy challenge facing today’s society.  As a result window and glass manufacturers have teamed up to develop new technology that has been applied to create windows and doors that are the most energy efficient in our history.  One key technology developed is LowE2 insulated glass which reflects 70 percent of the sun’s heat.  In addition another new technology, vinyl frames, block the thermal heat transfer common in aluminum frame windows.

What does this technology mean to you?  You can reduce your air conditioning costs by 50 percent. For an average Florida home that could mean thousands of dollars per year!  As an incentive to replace inefficient single pane aluminum windows, the federal government is offering a $1,500 tax credit to replace your current windows and doors.

As homeowners we are always trying to improve the quality of life and increase the value of our homes.  New technology windows block more than 50 percent of outside noise.  New glass protects your expensive investment in carpets, furniture and flooring by blocking more than 98 percent of damaging UV rays.  New windows and doors are a smart investment; market research shows that installing news windows and doors can increase the value of your home by 80 percent of the purchase price of these items.

We all want to protect our homes during storms.  Installing impact windows and doors provides the benefits of storm protection all day, every day at only 1.5 times the cost of conventional windows and doors.  No other storm protection is required and this qualifies you for a substantial insurance premium discount.  Impact windows and doors also protect the most important thing in your home, your family.  Intruders find impact windows and doors to be a serious impediment to breaking in to your home, whether you are home or not.

For many homeowners the thought of replacing their windows is a huge inconvenience.  The experienced teams from the Hurricane Product Warehouse can replace your windows and doors in two days with minimal interruption.

Be a part of the global solution; replace your windows and doors with quality units that meet the Federal tax credit requirements.  Reduce your energy consumption, save money, increase the value of your home and enjoy a new quality of life.

The Hurricane Product Warehouse specializes in both conventional and impact windows and doors.  Visit their 2,500 sq. ft. showroom and learn what’s involved in retrofitting your home with high efficiency windows and doors.