Dr. Todd and Shirley Jaffe of Viera

Although their wedding at Orlando’s Citrus Club in August 2003 was the “official” ceremony, Dr. Todd and Shirley Jaffe of Viera love getting married so much they’ve done it 17 times on land, by sea and even in the air.

“It started out as a lark,” says Todd.  We went to Thailand and I thought it would be a nice surprise for Shirley.  Thirty people from the hotel got involved and we paraded up to a tree house for the Buddhist ceremony-she thought it was great.”

Subsequent ceremonies have included:

  • On the Queen Mary II (2005)
  • A traditional Maori ceremony by a glowworm cave in New Zealand (2006)
  • A Druid ceremony at Stonehenge (2007)
  • A Shangaan ceremony officiated by a tribal chief in Africa with actor Christian Slater as a guest (2008)
  • At the 60’s Whole Life Church on the beach by the Golden Gate Bridge (2008)

Their quest to renew their vows on all seven continents was completed in 2008 during a wedding at Port Lockroy, Antarctica, the southernmost post office in the world, with hundred of penguins in attendance.

“This has brought the world to us”, says Shirley.  “Todd does all of the planning and I don’t really know what to expect, so it’s always an adventure.”

Last year the couple renewed their vows in Bali, southern England and at 37,000 feet with the captain of a 767 Continental jet officiating.

Shirley calls Todd “the best husband in the world.”

“It’s like that movie 50 First Dates-There’s nothing like that first kiss”, says Todd.  “Every time we get married it’s like falling in love all over again.”