Advancements Lead to Excellence in Dental Care

Dr. Cedric Chenet’s professional philosophy is simple – education, experience and technology that come together for excellence in dental care. He should know; he’s been doing it for over 32 years. The technology component is one that particularly excites Dr. Chenet and his staff. His office in Viera is fully digital and he and his staff are continuously educated on the latest tools and technology available for improving oral health.

Along with digital X-rays, clinical digital photos are taken of all patients’ teeth to establish a baseline and to help educate them on any issues that are occurring. Digital radiography typically reduces radiation exposure by 65 to 80 percent and has an enhanced image quality, capturing greater detail that may have been missed on traditional film. Generally, the earlier you find a problem, the easier it is to fix and that usually means less expensive; all these latest advancements assist his team of professionals in finding those issues.

His latest tool, the DEXIS CariVu is a trans-illuminating device that assists in detecting decay or cracks in teeth earlier than it would even appear on an X-ray. The fiber optic light shines through the tooth while a small camera takes a photo of the illumination. “The tool doesn’t replace X-ray but is another adjunct in our toolbox to identify problems and find a solution,” said Dr. Chenet.

During a digital X-ray, Dr. Chenet’s team utilizes the DEXshield, a unique dental X-ray device. When used during the dental radiographic procedure, it aligns the X-ray beam with the examination site and provides a barrier to protect the patient from unnecessary radiation exposure. This is just another way that advances in technology have afforded better and safer dental care.

Dr. Chenet also uses CEREC 3D to create custom, all-ceramic crowns in just one visit. This system for making crowns reduces the number of visits necessary for patients to the office and eliminates the need to involve an outside manufacturer.

Education is another important part of Dr. Chenet’s practice. He and his staff attend conferences and seminars to learn about the latest tools that fall in line with the core values of providing better service for his patients. From recommendations to floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste to technological tools like the DEXIS CariVu and CEREC 3D, Dr. Chenet balances personal service and the latest techniques.  “We’re the coaches for the patients,” Dr. Chenet says. “We tell you what is best for you.”

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