by Josh Field

Let’s be honest, you don’t often hear the statement, “I’m so looking forward to going to the dentist!” For the most part, institutional health care across the board has made going to the doctor an experience very few people enjoy anymore. So when you find a practice where the staff is helpful and friendly, your time is respected, and the doctor provides excellent care, you may actually start looking forward to your next appointment.

It’s this unique dental healthcare experience that brings patients to Cedric Chenet, DDS . . . and keeps them coming back year after year after year.

“I have been phobic about dentists all my life, until Dr. Chenet. He and his staff are the most kind, nurturing, professional (yet very friendly) people I’ve ever experienced. I (almost) enjoy going now.” – Lee T.

The Changing Face of Dentistry
For many, their fear or dislike of dentists and other healthcare providers is due to the system itself. For a while now, corporate and franchised dentistry have been attempting to reduce dental services down to a basic commodity, using coupons and discounts to attract patients and hiring young, inexperienced dentists and hygienists straight out of school looking for their first jobs. While this may keep prices relatively low, it also results in a steady turnover of practitioners and patients – you never see the same dentist or hygienist thus you never build a relationship or get comfortable.
“We don’t rush our patients through the system because we don’t have corporate quotas to fill,” says Dr. Chenet. “Sure, we’ll get a patient in every now and then with a coupon, for a crown or other service from a corporate dentist, looking for a deal. We’ll explain the difference between our technology, our products and our service and give them the choice . . . most times they’ll choose us. You get what you pay for!”

It Starts With Listening
Dr. Chenet explains the much of the basis of the practice’s success lies in his team and the training they receive. “We teach them to take the time to listen to each patient,” he says. “Most of the praise we get is the way the staff interacts with patients as individuals.”
Research shows one key element of job satisfaction comes from career growth and Dr. Chenet invests heavily in training for his team. “We’ve taken the entire staff to Atlanta for conferences to improve not only their technical skills, but the customer service aptitude as well,” explains Dr. Chenet and his wife, Katia, who serves as the practice office manager. “We took them all to Ruth’s Chris Steak House to show them the difference between great customer service and what you might experience at, say, McDonald’s.”

“Dr. Chenet and his staff of dental professionals are not only the best we have experienced since moving to Brevard County five years ago but also the best we seen to date. Their professional attitude, dedication to their patients, outstanding bedside manner, and jovial attitude are second to none.” – Eduardo M.

In addition to training seminars and advanced education, the team is paid above their grade average and is treated to fun group outings. One year, Dr. Chenet took the staff to Las Vegas and another year they all went on a family cruise together. “Our staff likes working here and it shows,” says Chenet. And happy workers leads to happy customers.
Claudia Young has worked the reception desk for Dr. Chenet for six years. “We know most of our patients by name, and have seen many of their children grow up over the past decade,” she says. “This staff is part of the community,” adds Dr. Chenet. “You will see them in the grocery store, at church or out to dinner.”
Even the office décor has a home-like feel to it, with Chenet family photographs dating back to earlier generations in his native Haiti, personal artwork and mementos of his years as a decorated military dentist with the U.S. Air Force.

 Technology, Education and Experience
While the patient experience and personal relationship may be unique so too is the quality of care. With over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Chenet remains on the cutting edge of dental education and technology from the latest tools and techniques – like the DEXIS CariVu and CEREC 3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography (3D X-rays) – to his fully digitized office. “Our philosophy is really quite simple,” states Dr. Chenet. “Education, experience and technology come together for excellence in dental care.”
But you still have to remember to floss every day! For more information, see Dr. Chenet’s Healthcare Professional profile on page 16 or visit