In the past, replacing missing or un-repairable teeth was met with limited options, including replacing the missing tooth or teeth with a fixed bridge or removable partial denture. Both of these options, though functional and aesthetically acceptable, fall short of addressing long-term effects of tooth loss, including bone deterioration. They limited what you were able to eat and in some cases could throw off one’s bite or smile. Now there is an option that mimics the function of your natural teeth almost exactly, feeling real with the durability to support bridges, dentures and durable crowns. They are dental implants, and Dr. Cedric Chenet, DDS, PA has paved the way for his patient’s to receive this innovative and life enhancing dental treatment.

“Many patients of mine who chose to have dental implants say it is the best decision they ever made,” Dr. Chenet says. “You are a new you, more confident. They are an upgrade that will enhance your life.”

A dental implant consists of two parts: a titanium anchor and a custom porcelain crown. The small titanium anchor is placed in the bone before the gums, serving as a man-made tooth root, and the custom porcelain crown is attached to this new root. Unlike previous replacement options for teeth, such as bridges, this design allows for the implant to function naturally without depending on surrounding teeth for support. The titanium root fuses the jawbone over time, promoting bone growth and a solid foundation, which are beneficial to the entire mouth. “It is the closest thing to a ‘real’ tooth replacement,” explains Dr. Chenet.

His practice gives patients the options of both placement of dental implants and final restoration, with precise and beautifully molded custom-filled crowns, bridges and more. Before receiving the implants, Dr. Chenet examines your medical history and current oral status to see if you are a proper candidate. Prominently experienced, Dr. Chenet has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in implants. He is an active member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and has been practicing general dentistry for more than 30 years.

chenet2With dental implants, a patient doesn’t need to worry about adhesives or clasps to secure the replaced tooth or teeth. Dentures and partials all may need to be replaced periodically but dental implants, when properly planned and placed, have a much longer life expectancy needing to be replaced much less often. This gives the patient peace of mind and more freedom when it comes to simple, yet inevitable activities such as brushing, speaking and eating. “With dental implants, you can eat what you want, when you want and how much you want — careful now, you might have to sign up with Weight Watchers!” he jokes.

On top of the benefits of durability and being serviced individually without bothering other teeth, dental implants are also made to look real and fit your bite, making them a great upgrade to dentures and bridges that can sometimes become a pain, cause discomfort or look different from your other teeth, weighing down on one’s confidence and comfort.

Dr. Chenet and his team work to promote optimal comfort for their patients, making sure they leave happy and self-assured. “We are truly a ‘patient-centric’ practice. My mission statement is simple: ‘Where education, experience, and technology come together to provide excellence in dental health care.’”

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