Stylish steps make an impact in two story homes

Stanley Homes is all about choices when it comes to customizing a new home. In any home, the first impression when you walk in the front door is essential. The staircase in a two story house can add the “wow” factor into that first impression.

Dramatic staircases can have a huge visual impact on style and ambiance. Design and materials change as the years pass but like one of those great Hollywood movies where the staircase captures the grand entrance, they can set the tone in a home. The staircase can be the primary feature, so customizing it is an important part of the building process.

Two story homes have become increasingly popular at Stanley Homes, especially with large families. In the past few years, it has not been uncommon for families to “double up” due to a financial situation or family members taking care of elders. Stanley Homes offers a variety of styles and finishes to choose the perfect staircase. One of the popular trends is combining wood with wrought iron which is exactly what one homeowner did when building a new home in Viera.

On another new custom home just finished in Merritt Island, the customer wanted the staircase to be one of the main focal points of their home and it certainly is. A dramatically curved staircase leads to the open concept second story that definitely catches the eye when you step through the front double doors into the foyer. A sculptural finish has proven to be one of the most grandeur of staircases through the decades. This type of staircase is not only a true showpiece, but also allows the space it occupies to be a focal point as well. For example, the wall next to the staircase gives you the opportunity to show off family portraits or works of art. Or how about an eclectic chandelier that hangs next to staircase. A classic table or chair sits at the bottom of the stairs to tie the pieces together.

Though stairs serve a practical purpose in any home, they are also like a unique work of art that sets one house apart from the next. So consider a breathtaking staircase when building your new home.

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