Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and wonderful sunny weather but Stanley Homes is using the Sunshine State to create another advantage for its homeowners. In an effort to be as energy efficient as possible, Stanley Homes offers a solar package. With oil prices on the rise, solar energy is a great way to save money as the power source of the sun is free. Not to mention the production of solar energy produces no pollution, making a cleaner environment for everyone.

There are several solar energy items that you can take advantage of with Stanley Homes, some of the most popular options are listed below.

Solar Pool Heating

A solar pool heating installation will double your swim season in any climate. For Florida, this means you can enjoy your pool virtually year-round. A swimming pool is a significant investment and should be enjoyed to its fullest extent.

Solar Attic Ventilation

Stanley Homes uses solar attic fans which are installed on the exterior roof and on the inside of the attic of a home. Solar attic fans decrease the temperature of the attic area and may therefore decrease the interior temperature of the home as well. Depending on the size of the fan, it is estimated that a solar attic fan may be able to reduce the temperature in the attic by up to 50 degrees.

The main advantage of installing a solar attic fan is that it can help to reduce the interior temperature of a home. With Florida’s warm climate, the attic can achieve extreme temperatures of 160 degrees or more during the day. This trapped heat may seep into the home, causing the interior temperature to rise. With the installation of the solar attic fan this trapped hot air is pulled from the attic and drawn outside.

With the attic at cooler temperatures this in turn helps reduce the temperature of the inside of the home allowing the air conditioning unit to run more efficiently. Since the air conditioning bill is the main contributor to your utility bill you will save more money. While there are also electric attic fans, the solar fans are more affordable to operate.

Solar Hot Water Heater

A solar hot water system is not just a conscientious purchase for the environment, it has real and practical benefits for the consumer/homeowner.

  • Monthly savings on your energy bills — studies estimate that hot water accounts for 15-30 percent of the average homeowner’s energy costs.
  • Increased value of your home — a study by the Appraisal Institute has determined that people are willing to pay more for homes with solar hot water systems.
  • Increased hot water — domestic solar hot water systems generally use an 80-gallon storage tank to maximize the amount of heat captured from the sun. Get twice as much hot water for less cash.

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