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Hurricane Season Medical Reminders


Get a 30-day supply of necessary medications  If you take prescription medications, purchased from your local pharmacy, try having a 30-day supply on hand. But this is not as easy as it sounds — many insurance companies will not authorize…


Dancing the Stress Away


by Judy Piersall I love to dance. I was a member of dance teams in both high school and college. We always had music playing at home and my children and I danced constantly. So, in 2011, when I was…


Another Cup of Coffee, Please!

Eat & Drink

By Mallorie Ann Ingram Coffee. The most important meal of the day. Well, let me start over. Coffee. The most critical start to the day — that’s better. To all you coffee lovers, you’re catching my drift. For those of…


An Event Planner’s Guide to Planning Her Own Wedding

Special Section

By Mallorie Ann Ingram What happens when an event planner is granted the privilege to plan her own wedding? Only the perfect concoction of detailed-oriented success, of course. For Amelia Anton, SCB Marketing’s event manager, it’s been just that. From…


Sergio’s Tacos | Reservations

Eat & Drink

By Steven Hicks  There is an old joke, maybe an adage, about avoiding gas station sushi. Maybe it was an antacid commercial. Whatever the source, you get the idea. Some things just don’t go together. But what happens when that…


How to Have A Perfect Complexion on Your Wedding Day


By Cathy A. Presnick, LME 12 Weeks Prior Schedule a consultation with a medical esthetician. Begin prepping with a customized home care regimen. As an example, we suggest products including ingredients with vitamin c for nutrients, hyaluronic acid for plumping,…


June 2018


June 2018   From the Editor Healthy Living | Paleo Eating Travel | Israel Memories, Meals, and Moscato | Fresh vs Frozen Lifestyle | Summer Essentials Inspiration | Cocoa Beach Uncorked Wheels | The New Lexus LS500 SpaceCoast Business |…


Summer Essentials


by Meaghan Branham Every afternoon is interrupted by a casual torrential downpour, the mosquitoes are unpacking their bags for their seasonal stay, and at last count I have already lost three lip balms and one lipstick to the “my car…


The Big Shave | St. Baldrick’s Foundation

People & Business

By Michael Candelaria Space Coast Conquers is proving to be more than a great name – through community service to support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and fight childhood cancer. The scene in March was almost historic. Certainly, it was moving,…