Remarkable Care Yields Top Rankings

In the senior aging industry, awards push Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation Center front and center. They now possess the highest level of performance excellence in healthcare – the Gold Seal Award.

Being hand-picked by Governor Rick Scott’s Panel on Excellence, Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation Center progresses to rare status. Roughly two percent of Florida’s skilled nursing facilities meet the criteria necessary to garner the award.

In a recent Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA) press release regarding the Gold Seal Award, Governor Scott says that Florida families can know that their loved ones are getting the quality care they deserve thanks to the hard work of these particular skilled nursing facilities and their staff members.

Skilled nursing facilities desiring to be considered for the Gold Seal Award must first be recommended, then submit an application with supporting documentation to ACHA. A review by the Governor’s Panel on Excellence considers the criteria and makes recommendations to the Governor.

Specific criteria must be met before a facility can even be deemed a potential award-winning candidate. To make the cut, facilities must steadily score in the top 10 percent of ACHA inspections. Because Melbourne Terrace consecutively earns the highest scale of 5-stars, they were considered a viable candidate for the Gold Seal.

Their 5-star rank represents “excellent performance” in three categories – level of nurse staffing, quality of care, and history of inspection. ACHA inspects all Florida skilled nursing facilities to assess how well each organization complies with the federal laws governing the facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid payments.

After a consistent performance of superior grades, each facility that earns Gold Seal candidacy must prove how well their business approach addresses customer and community needs. Other determinants of success show in levels of satisfaction reports from staff, patients and family members. Additionally, a review of the organization’s ability to learn and improve is examined along with the results of employee excellence, commitment and quality of care.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.16.05 AMBecause quality of care can be linked to physician involvement, Melbourne Terrace’s management strategically and tactically grew their base of attending physicians and specialists.

“The expansion of physicians that round our facility grew because we truly embrace the concept of bringing optimal results – not just in medical and rehabilitative needs, but emotional and human connectivity needs as well. This belief shows our dedication and level of devotion, and it’s also connected to our mission,” said Eric McKinney, chief administrator for Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation Center.

“I also believe that we field a team of champions,” said Eric in regards to his staff. “Our employees consistently show tremendous dedication in making sure residents receive exceptional care in comfortable surroundings, and I commend them for their unwavering attention to customer service.”

The staff and organization outperformed approximately 98 percent of Florida’s skilled nursing facilities. Their consistent rise in status dynamically couples with outfitting their innovative gym with two therapy pools and equipment that is recognized or awarded by the International Council on Active Aging, a large association that leads and defines the active-aging industry.

Florida’s senior aging industry employs approximately 96,000 people. Many experts in the field believe the Gold Seal Award demonstrates excellence and commitment of health care staff to those they serve.

“These Florida … [skilled nursing facilities] have some of the best nurses and staff in the country that provide superb healthcare services to our seniors. Providing exceptional healthcare takes dedication and long hours, and I congratulate them all on this achievement,” said Florida Department of Elder Affairs, Secretary Samuel P. Verghese in a recent ACHA press release.

Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation Center offers comprehensive outpatient and inpatient therapy services for short or long term care. They are located at 251 Florida Ave., Melbourne. Call (321) 725-3990 for more information or to schedule a tour.