The cure for the common medical practice by Jaimee Preston


Be it diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome or any number of lifestyle ailments and disease, a proactive, integrated approach to medicine is the cure for this unintentionally irresponsible approach to our health. And Rebecca Hunton, M.D. demonstrates that we can lead radiant, healthy and energetic lives when we take a whole body approach to
our wellness.

As owner of Radiantly Healthy MD in Viera, Dr. Hunton understands that true health begins by treating patients for far more than their problematic symptoms of disease. She is determined to understand the root cause, or the “why,” for what is happening to our bodies.



Her unique approach to patient care starts with her whole-body preventative, proactive and functional medical perspective. She understands the appropriate application of traditional medicine alongside alternative and commonly practiced therapies. As a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and an advanced fellow with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Hunton is an expert on the successful application of lifestyle medicine.

Lorin Carpenter, practice administrator at Radiantly Healthy MD, describes this type of approach: “If you have a parent who is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you are not automatically guaranteed to also get it. We develop diabetes as a result of our diet and lifestyle. If you make healthy food choices and take care
of your body, you greatly reduce your risk of ever developing diabetes — whether your parents have it or not.”

Dr. Hunton offers a variety of vitamins, supplements and therapies to treat a wide array of conditions.

The entire team at Radiantly Healthy MD embraces this integrative approach to medicine. The team fosters a culture of heath and wellness. Jennifer Schnieder, a nurse practitioner who specializes in family practice and well-woman care, sees the majority of new patients and determines exactly what lab, hormone and genetic testing needs to be ordered. The newest member of the team, Kiara Oberhaensli, who holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University, brings over 10 years’ experience working with people of all ages to improve their health and vitality through nutrition. Upon meeting the team at Radiantly Healthy MD, it is abundantly clear that health, wellness and preventative care have become “the cure for the common medical practice.”

Through this approach, patients gain a heightened sense of well-being as active participants in their own healing process. At Radiantly Healthy MD, the entire team strives to empower patients throughout their learning and healing process. Patients receive the tools needed to achieve a true “radiantly healthy” lifestyle.


But it isn’t just lifestyle changes or preventative care that puts Dr. Hunton a cut above the common medical practice. She carefully considers every factor relating to the health of her patients. In fact, she takes a whole panel of labs on the patient’s first visit, studying the blood, hormone and genetic lab work, so that the patient’s treatment plan is truly comprehensive of his or her root problem.

Carpenter can attest to Dr. Hunton’s expertise. “She was able to diagnose me with a unique genetic disorder from just knowing I was trying to conceive and had some complications,” she says.

Carpenter explains that Dr. Hunton did follow-up blood work to confirm what she already knew instinctively. “As a result of my genetic mutation, my body is unable to process the folic acid that I’d been taking for over two years in an attempt to increase my ability to conceive and have a healthy baby. I ended up with toxic levels of unmetabolized folic acid in my system, which led to other symptoms that my regular doctors could not explain because I am otherwise very healthy. ”

Without this knowledge from Dr. Hunton, Carpenter would still be taking high doses of folic acid as prescribed by the perinatal specialist, a supplement that is toxic to her, and ultimately a major factor in her difficulty to get pregnant.


“Each person has unique pathways that metabolize and function differently,” explains Dr. Hunton. “For instance, I can have a cup of coffee at night and still be able to get a great night’s rest. However, coffee might have the opposite effect on someone else because his or her body has a hard time eliminating caffeine.”

Dr. Hunton describes this as “bio-individuality,” meaning patients vary in their metabolism, body composition, anatomy, genetics or cell structure. “This is why I don’t prescribe to the ‘medical cookbook’ approach,” says Dr. Hunton. “Everything in our body impacts or affects everything else. We have to look at why something is happening, while also taking into consideration the outside factors that can impact an individual.”

If you’re looking for that “pixie-dust” solution, Dr. Hunton will be quick to tell you it doesn’t exist. “There is no magic supplement that you can take that will allow you to have great health while continuing in your unhealthy lifestyle.”

However, she is optimistic. “You have a choice,” she says. “Your family history and genetics is your opportunity to be proactive.”


Fellowship trained and board-certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, Dr. Hunton already has an excellent reputation in this community for her hormone replacement therapy. “I’ve received flowers from husbands with cards saying things like, ‘Thanks for giving me my wife back,’” she says. “I take time to really listen to my patients. I know people are searching for that quality of care that is so often lost in the economic pressures and legality of the medical profession.”

What you may not know about Dr. Hunton, however, is that she is also board certified in family medicine, geriatrics, hospice and palliative care. She is also a preferred provider of “Got Pro Health,” an organization for members of the NFL and NBA Players association. Her patient success is such that “The Dr. Oz Show” featured her patients as a demonstration of extraordinary aging and vitality.

And this year, TED Active invited Dr. Hunton to become a participating member in a five-day conference known for energetic and curious leaders who are bringing forward the big ideas for our future.“I love to learn, educate and teach,” she expresses with joy. “It’s a wonderful journey, helping people. But even more, it’s what I love to do.”


1.Become aware of food quality. Know where your food comes from. Go organic, stay away from processed food and read labels.

2. Work to relieve stress. Just as a rope with consistent tension will eventually break, our bodies too wear down by stress, ultimately resulting in illness.

3. Find ways to exercise. Our bodies were made to move! Every aspect of our body, including our minds, will benefit when we make exercise a habit.

4. Sweat. Yes, sweat is important. The process of sweating will help eliminate toxin build-up in your body. Now’s your chance to try hot yoga, spin class or a trip to the sauna.

5. Maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of developing chronic and fatal diseases.


You don’t have to be a patient to join one of the Radiantly Healthy MD classes.

• Tuesday, July 9. “Smart Supermarket Shopping & Reading Labels 101.” $25 per person.

• Wednesday, July 17. “BioIdentical Hormone Replacement.” $150 per person; small semi-private class.

• Thursday, July 25. “Over Eating? How to Recognize and Stop Emotional Eating.
” $50 per person.

• Tuesday, August 6. “Over Stressed & Over Worked: How Stress Affects Your Health.”
$50 per person.

• Thursday, August 15. “Gluten Free Shopping and Meal Planning.” $25 per person.

• Thursday, August 22. “BioIdentical Hormone Replacement.” $150 per person; small semi-private class.


• Wednesday, July 31. “Integrative Medicine’s Approach to a Healthy and Successful School Year. Simple, Natural Strategies to Help Your Child Have the Best Year Yet!” No Fee.

• Thursday, Aug 29. “Integrative Medicine and You. Natural Strategies to Change Your Health and Your Life.” No Fee.

Rebecca Hunton, M.D. is the owner of Radiantly Healthy MD (formerly Wellspring Medical Center) in Viera. For more information, call (321) 254-6803 or visit