Dr. Rebecca Hunton combines alternative therapies with traditional medicine.

Dr. Rebecca Hunton combines alternative therapies with traditional medicine.

Integrative and Preventive Cardiologist, Dr. Doreen Saltiel Joins Dr. Rebecca Hunton at Radiantly Healthy MD

Dr. Rebecca Hunton takes a unique, integrative approach to wellness and patient care. As owner of Radiantly Healthy MD in Viera, she understands that true health begins by finding and treating the root cause of a patients problematic symptoms.

Her busy practice continues to grow at a rapid pace because of her integrative and individualized approach to patient care. When she was introduced to Dr. Doreen Saltiel, an Integrative and Preventive Cardiologist with over 20 years of experience, “I knew the stars had aligned for a reason,” said Dr. Hunton. “I speak to patients daily about their cardiovascular risk and genetic predispositions for heart disease and knew that a like-minded cardiologist would be a perfect addition to my practice.”

Their chance meeting took place at a national conference. “Though Doreen and I share some of the same credentials, she will bring additional specialties that will provide an even higher level of care for my patients,” said Dr. Hunton.

Dr. Hunton (right) and now Dr. Saltiel take a proactive, integrated approach to medicine.

Dr. Hunton (right) and now Dr. Saltiel take a proactive, integrated approach to medicine.

Dr. Doreen Saltiel received her medical degree from New York Medical College and her cardiology fellowship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. She completed her internal medicine residency at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and practiced medicine for 14 years in the Army.

Before officially accepting a position at Radiantly Healthy, Dr. Saltiel traveled from Arkansas to Dr. Hunton’s office in Viera to visit the area and meet the staff. “Our loyalty to patients and integrity — that’s what drew us together,” said Dr. Saltiel. “Integrative Medicine revolves around the patient, it is about individualized care and understanding that every patient is different, what works for one may not for another.”

With a board certification in cardiovascular disease, Dr. Saltiel understands the importance of an active lifestyle. As an athlete herself, she has a true passion for sports medicine and works with athletes and “weekend warriors” to increase endurance and reach their optimal performance. She has also received her fellowship training with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and offers bioIdentical hormone pellet therapy.

“Typically new patients find us because they are not happy with the way they feel,” Dr. Hunton said. “They want to try lifestyle changes but are scared if they’ve had cardiac issues. Dr Saltiel has the cardiology background to help them feel comfortable and make informed decisions.”

She will assist in the prevention of cardiovascular risk, and help those currently battling heart disease improve their condition and live a balanced life.

Dr. Rebecca Hunton, owner of Radiantly Healthy started her own self-described “journey” in 2002. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Florida and completed medical training at Ohio State University and is board certified in integrative medicine, family medicine, geriatrics, obesity medicine, hospice and palliative care but wanted more.

“I had a background in nutrition and considered myself healthy, but healthy didn’t feel so good. Not everything I learned was about making people healthy. It was often placing a Band-Aid on an underlying issue.”

The result of her “journey” was a personal, proactive and integrative approach to medicine, combining conventional medical techniques with natural, yet proven alternatives to achieve wellness.

“My purpose is to widen availability and expand our ability to provide personalized and proactive care with what Dr. Saltiel brings to our practice,” said Dr. Hunton.

“We aim to help our patients achieve radiant health by improving energy levels, immune system function, and increased athletic performance and endurance.”

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