Untitled-1-01The month of September is here (and almost gone, already!) Calendars are filling up, football is in full swing and I’m anxiously awaiting cooler weather. Here is what’s on my mind this month:

I am Loving…GGardenia photoardenias. I recently moved and I am determined to develop my green thumb. The gorgeous and beautifully fragrant gardenia bush in my backyard is inspiring me to keep it alive and well. Wish me luck!

Must ReadVanityFair.com. I find myself going to this site nearly every day to see what’s new. I love the mix of Hollywood gossip (guilty pleasure), politics, business, style and culture. I can read about the latest Hollywood news and be inspired by a thought-provoking article. Life is all about balance, right?

I am Excited about… Purses with a Purpose, Art and Algorithms, SCB Marketing’s Pink Party for a Cause, Concours del Sol and so many more “happenings” in October. There are plenty of events to raise money for worthy causes (including breast cancer) this month so go to BrevardCountyEvents.com to start planning.

I’m heading to…Key West. I am looking forward to my vacation in the Keys in early October. I love the blue water, laid back pace and unique attitude of the area. Like literary greats such as Ernest Hemingway, I hope to simply read, write and relax. I even promised myself I wouldn’t check email. Cheers!